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Quote from DeKo :The only thing stopping it from being a Porsche 911 GT3 is a license, otherwise it's identical.

Well a RUF is not identical to a 911. RUF have a different philosophy to Porsche, thats why they modify them so heavily.
Quote from sinbad :Impact of sound is quite easily adjusted with the volume control, and I believe non mechanical noises are at least as crucial to the immersion factor as mechanical noises. Wind and road noise, dirt and debris hitting the car, tyre noise, all at least as important as a loud whiny diff.

One thing I don't get with AC is the ambient sounds.
Why on earth did the devs think it was realistic to be able hear the crowd cheer and blow their trumpets, as you pass by them in your ear bleedingly noisy racing car with your helmet on?
LFS does the same thing too, with a polite round of applause as you take the chequered flag.

First sim problems
Just tried the MP4-12C GT3 in AC, first time driving for a couple of weeks in either iRacing or AC and really enjoyed the driving experience.

I like the physics in both sims but what strikes me when I haven't driven much is that in AC the cars feel connected and I feel in-tune straight away. It still takes me a bunch of laps to really start pushing the limits but I don't feel frustrated by the experience.

Whereas in iRacing when I am in-tune with the feel of the sim it is great also and comparable but I find it a much more frustrating experience than in AC to get in-tune with the feel for grip. If that makes sense...

Anyway still really enjoying AC and looking forward to more to come
I have absolutely no time to try it due to my gf and my job.
BMW 1M - eBay Motors livery

More on AC FORUMS or HERE.
What else has this awesome feel that E30 provides, i'm sure i'm missing some great cars and combos..
Quote from Boris Lozac :What else has this awesome feel that E30 provides, i'm sure i'm missing some great cars and combos..

Try the new 'mapped' 1m
Can I just ask this for everybody that uses AC.

I could not run the Tech Demo above 15fps, with everything turned down. What chance have I got on running AC? The problem is I don't want to pay £30 to find out it is non playable?

Here is my specs

Windows 7 64 Bit
I3 3.30ghz
8GB Ram
Nvidia GF 120
Intel HD GFX ( using this for third screen )
1TB SATA drive

I didn't have third screen for Tech Demo, and it still didn't run above 15fps


Forget it

edit: To elaborate a bit, your cpu is up to the task but the GPU is seriously underpowered.
If you still have the tech demo.. Double check from the nVidia control panel, that ACS.exe is definitely using the GT 120. If it is, then turn all graphics down, use a single screen and a bearable resolution. See if you get any FPS. You may not, though, that thing is worse than the one in my laptop, which was old years ago. Ultimately, there may be slight optimisations in the current early access version, but not ones significant enough to make your FPS double.
Quote from Mysho :I have absolutely no time to try it due to my gf and my job.

I feel for you, I'm pretty much the same, except I'm married to a business.. oh and a wife

Sometimes though I just have to have a break and when I do AC is good for a run
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Kegetys has fixed the Joux

Finally got around to fix the issues in Joux Plane with the recent Assetto Corsa early access versions causing collision problems in some parts of the track. There were some leftover triangles under the track in a few places from lower LOD level mesh used originally by RBR.

A few other improvements are included also, changelog for version 1.3:

Removed some remnants of low detail geometry under the track causing collision issues with newer AC versions
Broken track section no longer adds dirt to tyres
All grass is now valid track to avoid penalty from small cuts
Added more zoomed in external cameras

Joux Plane for Assetto Corsa update
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kegetys, a.k.a GOD.
Oh god, why Miata... So much more better cars available in this world and the guy does Miata.
Noicee. Never knew how that works though, how much can modders play god, do most mods keep the general feel of the sim/physics?
the MX-5 is a great choice, if done right it could be a good competitor to the stock E30.

About mods in general, I don't really know how the AC engine "does car physics" ie. if its similar to RFactor and its tables of data. My guess (from the patch changelogs, which often contain "physical" changes to car suspensions) would be that its different. So if a modder gets the suspension pickup points, the CoG and engine power and torque curves right, the car will behave right.

btw, there are so many great mods in development already (GTs Trail Mountain, Rudskögen Motorpark etc.), if all those get made properly I see a bright future for AC.

A friend of mine said lots of RFactor modders disappointed with RFactor 2 changed over to AC.

btw, Kegetys updated his Joux Plane mod:

edit: the team of this mod DRM (Turbo Capri and more) is apparently looking for a new sim after RFactor
Quote from Mysho :Oh god, why Miata... So much more better cars available in this world and the guy does Miata.

Because MX5 = car enthusiast, didn't you know? That's why any 'car guy' now has an MX5.
No. MX5 = boring.

BTW, that Turbo Capri mod looks good. We need more mad turbo beasts in AC.
Love Miatas, no let's have more digital boring lifeless gt3 cars..
Miatas can provide close racing, but they are rather boring to just lap.
More of wild GT1 class cars and the whole world will live in a harmony.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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