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old Nürburgring, with the Südschleife :schwitzsouthern loop, yes that once existed)

... Targa Florio ... (drove the RFactor version at a friend once, ~50min with a Xsara WRC )
Targa Florio would be amazing!!! Same with Südschleife/Nordschleife
> E30
> Drifting

do want
(ACCAkut) DELETED by ACCAkut : woops, missread
:O that's totally out of the blue, a state of the art sim on Wii-U??? Is it gonna be called Assetto Corsa-U???
hmm, can*'t find the article anymore, only place holders (Asetto Corsa for Wii) on several sites. But Project CARS will apparently be released on all current and next gen consoles, maybe it was really that game I read about.

ok sorry, was Project Cars ... auf-ende-2013-verschoben/
OMG that BMW.....................

and its drifting!
Really looking forward to this!
Stefano just confirmed me on Twitter that virtual hands will be an option too..
This fcking looks like all my sim dreams came true, seriously.
Can't believe it, you actually have to steer in this sim.
Hype level: ∞
Scawen can drop the S3 work...
Replay quality does look extremely bad though (the lotus has no roll in the corners for example). As a whole it does look "nkpro" though. Looks kinda promising but I think it does hurt it a little when the driver has probably done only little practise before those runs. Would be nice to see how that lotus looks at the limit. Yeah, it's a wip. Nice to see some running material though!
Kinda promising lol?
I could sit and watch that Lotus's suspension all day.
yes please. oh dear, I can't see myself driving S2 ever again after this comes out..
I'm happy. There's gonna be a C++ and Python API for building plugins for Gauges. I might need to create a AC -> Outgauge proxy
Looks good.

The initial turn-in though somehow looks really fake, but then again, still a demo they can fix shit.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8873 posts, started )