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Wondering if this could top LFS on the 'feel' department.. This and LFS with new physics will be the two best choices for a sim enthusiast i reckon..
If it get's rid of some strange behaviour that sometimes bugger netKar Pro, then it will be on top of LFS in the feel department.

I even go as far and say that netKar Pro with the latest patches isn't really down on that aspect compared to LFS. Different yes, but what's better I couldn't really tell.
Is there a demo or something for NKP?
That can't come soon enough, it looks unbelievable. The car doesn't instantly spin as soon as it starts sliding like I'm used to with iR.
I will so buy it.

Back to the first page....

Quote :From the eyes of videogamers. First hands-on from italian, one of the most important generic videogame web magazine. Our past titles netKar Pro and FVA, never got reviewed. Nice read and perspective. ... simulazione-di-massa.html Unfortunately in Italian, but google translates it pretty well actually.

Moar previews:

⇈⇈⇈ Wish i could go...

(sorry for big images)
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*vomiting rainbows*
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:jawdrop: Hopefully it wont cost too much.
RWD road car version of NKP.

So dreams CAN (possibly) come true. Good to know.
Quote from Amynue :Almost as detailed as RB4 dashboard.

Yes, getting there...

Edit: UI looks lovely

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Mmmmm web UI Or maybe not.
what's the Ipad for?
It's not an ipad though..
can't tell if sarcasm. so all answer, i assume its a touch screen interface. purely speculation though.
Quote from JJ72 :what's the Ipad for?

Quote :Gamescom preparations. Assetto Corsa remote control from tablet&smartphones

I guess you can edit setups, check laptimes/statistics and share stuff with your smartphone/tablet? (Like LFSW, only better)

I'm really not sure though.
Probably best for people who make crazy sim rigs and have no place for keyboard and mouse
Or game conventions that might not have keyboard and mouse. Its actually quite nice.
Anyone noticed the KMT instead of KTM
Quote from Boris Lozac :Anyone noticed the KMT instead of KTM

Yeah, posted that on Racedepartment too, one of the devs (Aristotelis) is quite active on there, so it should get fixed.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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