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Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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gameplay vids pls...
Quote from JJ72 :
This looks like going head to head with PCARS....

Only pCars is actually nowhere in terms of actually being half decent at physics. Only promises at this point. Graphics wise, who really cares about SSAO this and HBAO that. As long as there's decent shading and nicely detailed models, I'll be fine. Actually I can't really believe how bad pCars is, with 60+ people developing it, have managed to do pretty much nothing convincing as of yet in terms of what their original outset was. And they already had a game engine ready?!? They should have started smaller, with tweaking the basics first. Not exporting cars and tracks to make the GT, FM crowd happy and using shitty placeholder physics. Compared to Kunos who have 8 people working on the game, have managed more finished stuff (by the looks of it) + an actually new engine in pretty much the same amount of time. (Shift 1 was released in 2009) A serious what the frack at SMS.

Quote :Kunos Simulazioni has worked since 2009 on the project Assetto Corsa.

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Edit: New video from GC:
Well for me with nkpro there were different patches that had different amounts of steering lag. Some patches were 0-lag for me while on other patches the lag came back. In some interview kunos said that nkpro has gone through many tire models (I think the actual number was like 3 or 4) which could explain it. Coding the tire model in different way could introduce steering lag as the calculations are done differently and maybe less efficiently. I dunno.

The amount of steering lag in that vid does look a bit bad but it also looks like it could be just the monitors and vsync.
I had absolutely 0 steering lag on any version of nKPro.
Quote from Boris Lozac : ... p;feature=player_embedded

I hope this won't bite them in the a**, these drift competitions and all, please don't dumb it down Kunos..

Quote :Aristotelis Vasilakos: No worries gents. No finicky physics mode or such. If you do the appropriate setup changes as in a real drift car, you can make everything a real drift car can do in reality. Physics engines can handle it if you know what to do
We just added it as a race event with extra points counting, so you can use it if you like.
But you must know how to drift in real life

Personally speaking, 900 degrees wheel and handbrake, drifting around magione is great fun and needs skills. And that's from a hardcore race fan that you all know I am.

I hope this clears things up.
Video doesnt want to work for me
Do those feints/transitions look a bit too snappy, or is it just me?

Also, why, oh why.. must they put in a madtyte drift points counter. I can already imagine all the idiots doing manji on all the straightaways in drift servers thanks to that.
It's all moddable anyways so it would have it eventually.

And yes those transitions were a bit much. The car seems to act like it has additional steering lock.
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Quote from Taavi(EST) :Only pCars is actually nowhere in terms of actually being half decent at physics. Only promises at this point.

I hope they will keep their promises then... otherwise i wasted 25 Euro
Looks alright dont like the steering wheel lag tho. Its the kind of thing you would expect from a console.
Yeah, that's pretty nasty lag on that last video, almost NFS Shift/pCARS territory right there. They should really do something about it before release.
In the first video at around 6:14 when the BMW is drifting it looks exactly like Gran Turismo 5..

Just looks like a mix of Forza, GT5 and pCars.
I hope so, either that or give me the option to remove the wheel altogether.
Every official iRacing vid I've seen has undrivable wheel lag visible, but I get none really in practice. It's just a function of fps on my system. Turn all the graphics on max, fps goes down, and there's lag. FPS at 100+, and there's not much, at 180 there's none to speak of. At demos they obviously want games to look pretty. My guess. If there's vsyinc on, then it'll always be dreadful in my experience.

The snap of the drift car looked near perfect to me. Best I've seen.
They've got the old Monza and the Nürburgring Südschleife.

Please excuse me for I have just jizzed into my pants

I think that sealed the deal.

Come on, release!
Quote from ATHome :They've got the old Monza and the Nürburgring Südschleife.

Please excuse me for I have just jizzed into my pants


Fry, quick, give them all my money too!

hold up... arnt AC's tracks laser scanned?
Yes, but only way to get the laser scanned version is to purchase it. That's how the track has it setup through LiDAR. So who knows with this one.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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