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Glava Zete is amazing, on Joux Plane level, if not better..

There's download link in the video.

How. Do. I. Disable. Driver. Names. Please.

I am blind or something, but I don't see the bind and panic pressing of every key doesn't work.
Testing 60fps
60fps test 2, less choppy this time

A bit sloppy lap, but still was good inaf for WR
Dat collision physics.
Blame Grosjean
i just had an amazing race on spa with ferrari gt2 and i couldnt save the replay,coz the race ended. its so ****in ridiculous. we were passing each other left and right thru the whole race
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ye i know,new session just started before i quit. they should have save mpr file
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I'm getting insanely slow download speeds from mediafire for some reason. 12kt/s :S It is going to take me an hour to download. Not sure if.

edit: woot, 18kts!123
Quote from troy :If anyone feels like fooling around with some big machines, I've turned on the LFS at AC server with the updated Formula Truck mod. Drives pretty nicely, I'm not an expert on trucks though.

Server: LFS at AC
Tracks: default

Surprisingly good mod, I was expecting some half arsed weirdness,
+ the sounds are top quality as well.
Loved it, had some nice racing and the bloody thing is tonnes of fun! (Oh yes I just did that)
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Oh my god that's one of the most suprisingly good things I've ever driven in a sim! :O
Ginetta G55 is now out, really good fun to drive that one, can see a series springing up
egg is good to!
Ginetta is awesome.

well mine's not that far yet

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8882 posts, started )