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Are the physics any good? I wish the guys who did V8 factor mod for Rfactor would work on a AC V8 version. I thought the V8 factor in Rfactor nailed the physics, grip/power/oversteer/sound/etc, they were so fun to drive.
- The Russki mod physics obviously are/were terrible because it was literally a C6R with a different model.

- This new mod is better. Overall it drives well, but has issues. Suspension rates don't go low enough to allow for much movement (in RL they bounce and pitch quite a bit depending on the track). The way the aero is implemented is strange to me. Power/drag balance is also strange. Can't say much about the tyres, there are three compounds whereas afaik RL there's only soft and hard which means they might be stock KS tyres.

- Biased opinion: my physics are the best of the 3 ;-P

Tbh, the only way you'll know for sure is if you try for yourself.
Default setup handles |----------| <-- that much (not to scale) better now. Feels like a fun car ^^. Edit 3: LX8 + old track + Trento. If you feel nothing you are dead inside.

Edit: I had a quick go at Val Club for comparison from yesterday and a setup emerged.
Edit 2: Tiny change to gear ratio and front toe in setup.
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To me it seems like they got over-zealous with the rubber on the track surface, and gave the textures too much darkness and contrast. Some higher quality trees also couldn't hurt, but overall it's a nice looking track.

EDIT: By higher quality trees I meant 3D trunks and branches. The textures he used are already pretty HQ.
Quote from Hyperactive :newer version of the lx8 test:
(new dampers and setup, removed the slicks and some little other setup changes)

Just wanted to give you a virtual hug, finally found the time to try this... AND I LOVE IT! Just how I always imagined such a thing should handle, point and shoot a bit of understeer that is easily solved with throttle and countersteer! Big grin Did I mention that I love it already? Could easily turn into my favourite car once it is more complete. (And gets an H-Gate Big grin)
I'd like to make a sequental gearbox for the car which requires throttle lift but not clutch (like ff1600 in nkpro) but it is not possible so the car now has 6 speed sequental gearbox with automatic throttle cut. I also found some setup fixes which reduce the understeer... but the car still needs new front geometry as the one there is now is from the jag...

Strangely enough the heavier road going version with solid rear axle is a bit more fun to drive... I need to remove grip and add more power methinks...

This is how the road going versions looks like now:
(very unfinished, lots of floating parts, needs new mirrors, headlights, wheels, tires etc...)

And the trackday version:

Much less time now to work on the mods than I had with the jag Frown
downloading now along with blackwood Smile
Race highlights with some high-stakes AC action.

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Is it just me or does this GT3 GTR sound suspiciously like the GT1 (V8)version - not the V6 GT3 version?
Quote from Ball Bearing Turbo :Is it just me or does this GT3 GTR sound suspiciously like the GT1 (V8)version - not the V6 GT3 version?

Try the Fonsecker's mod, it's awesome.

THIS is awesome as well

Hey Boris, is that Lambo available at AC forum?
Anyone know if there's a way to disable the damage "app" that always pops up on the screen when I touch the rpm limiter (or damage anything for that matter)?. I find it quite intrusive.

-EDIT- If anyone else is wondering, it seems to be ctrl+q.
Quote from BigPeBe :-EDIT- If anyone else is wondering, it seems to be ctrl+q.

Yeah, I find it very annoying too. Thanks.
Preeety good F1 mod, i avoided them for some reason, but this is much better to me then Kunos "F1" Exos car..

Maybe new record? Smile
My best time before was a 6:11 with the P1

5:56 for me Wink

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8874 posts, started )