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Anyone know if there's a way to disable the damage "app" that always pops up on the screen when I touch the rpm limiter (or damage anything for that matter)?. I find it quite intrusive.

-EDIT- If anyone else is wondering, it seems to be ctrl+q.
Quote from BigPeBe :-EDIT- If anyone else is wondering, it seems to be ctrl+q.

Yeah, I find it very annoying too. Thanks.
Preeety good F1 mod, i avoided them for some reason, but this is much better to me then Kunos "F1" Exos car..

Maybe new record? Smile
My best time before was a 6:11 with the P1

5:56 for me Wink
I didn't like it that much, + it needs LOD's or some optimization, very poor performance, you need more then 100fps in reserve to run this stage and never get below 60fps
I like 'Krajiska zmija hillclimb' moreSmile only I wish it was longer

Thx for the skin pack #R3DMANThumbs up
love the Nick Mason's #10R

Managed to garb the WR, I bet it won't last long
Thanks R3DMAN, I love the F1! Will now enjoy your skin pack!
Thanks also kars19 for the heads-up on Joux Plane. Fantastic stage.
Quote from kars19 :I didn't like it that much

You didn't like this that much? Smile You kidding me, it's RBR 2 Smile

Thruxton out for AC - Scratch Made
Hi All,

Yep I am still alive, and do check back here once in a while, but just been involved with certain things with AC at the moment. Noticed it wasn't shared, so thought I would share it. Thruxton has been released, and I was heavily involved in that release, really proud of it. Just like the old times in LFS, I produced the release video.

As you can see, I have had a major upgrade since my LFS movie days, but see what you think. Hopefully you won't be to harsh on me LOL


good vid, wrong song.
Did another 'vs reality' video, love this track, and the guy did an amazing job, crazy how every tree and detail is in the right place..

Yep, that's a good representation, indeed. Although, I wish for more track designers to use more of the "dry grass" textures like the Aussie guys did. Nothing wrong with the green spring-time colors, but it seems over-represented in all tracks at the moment. Some more rough, brown and gray environments would add a bit of immersion Wink
I agree, was also hoping that Kunos would bring the autumn Nordschleife, love how it looks without the green overdose..
Racing Real life PRO licensed GT3 driver in AC.
Good fun.

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Grobnik 2.5 is amazing

nice looking PP filters there Boris, would you mind sharing everything i need to get mine looking like that?
Sure thing, it's from andrea_gi from AC forums, i've put them all in a single pack since he didn't actually aranged them properly.

Just unpack in AC root folder (and backup if you want).

I reccomend Humid and Humid blue weather (on the video it's Humid Blue) and 14:00 hours, works good on all tracks. And PP filter Nat 3 Real 3G2 F10 is awesome
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what happens if i want to keep sweet fx?

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8882 posts, started )