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Quote from Bose321 :This game is slowly turning into Project CARS. Jokes aside, I hope they won't ruin the PC version like most developers do on a cross-platform game.

the gamepad support is already way better than pcars, maybe some UI optimisation and done.
Quote from lfsrm :

the gamepad support is already way better than pcars, maybe some UI optimisation and done.

Then console gamers won't buy it. They think Forza and Gran Turismo are sims.

They dumb it down like PCARS, then console crowd buys.
"It's early to say, but I see no reason why we should wait to update the PC version when the code is ready. It's completely independent. So I guess, PC update whenever needed or we have news, and consoles updates whenever the reviews from MS and Sony allow it.

For contents it might be more complicated depending on the licensor agreements and such. For now, our plans are still PC focus updates of software and contents, at least until the console version is out. Nothing changes on how we've been feeding updates until now.

Dumping physics? Are you kidding me??? Big grin It's our big selling point... and honestly we don't know how to do arcade physics."(c)Aris

Hope it's true
The problem with ac on consoles is that there is no game in ac. It is all about driving the cars. Racing is mostly just an afterthought. Even pcars has some kind of career mode and at least for gran turismos and forzas the career is the main selling point. And ac on consoles without mods...

My main negative is that this will slow down the development of the pc version.
There hasn't been decent AI since GP4.
With console sims, it's not so much as "dumbing" down the physics. Itsr doing what SMS did with PCARS and throwing us aa bunch of controller options we've never heard of. PCARS blows GT and Forza out the window for me, even with a heavily assisted controll scheme. I can't imagine what it feels like with a wheel.
It feels awfull, honestly GT is much better at simming then PCARS.. Can't say i'm jumping with joy with this announcment.
Aris seems to think console users will buy a sim.

They will not ! Even if it's hidden under a layer of crap to make their controller feel ok-ish, proper physics make console users unhappy.

You have to dumb it down so that they are able to drive at all, not to make their controller ok-ish. PCARS with a wheel feels like shit, even on PC.
Quote from PhilS13 :Aris seems to think console users will buy a sim.

They will not ! Even if it's hidden under a layer of crap to make their controller feel ok-ish, proper physics make console users unhappy.

You have to dumb it down so that they are able to drive at all, not to make their controller ok-ish. PCARS with a wheel feels like shit, even on PC.

there is plenty of people playing fine with pad or keyboard in LFS, did scawen dumb the game down for those people?

true they are taking a risk, but who know maybe with their good graphics and ferrari/lambo's they will sell some copies.
I have done 262382 Ml on lfs with a ps3 gamepad and even though I agree it takes away some of the feeling of really driving I got the handling set pretty good with it. If I compare using a gamepad to when I try my wheel then lfs is the easiest to use a gamepad on where I am better with my wheel in a.c
They need to dumb it done enough so that people who know nothing about what they are doing can get away with their gamepads. They need to dumb it down enough so that reviewers who are firm believers of equal rights for gamepads players and call themselves Forza motor sport experts can finally finish a race, hopefully give them a high score later, because, well, you can finish a race in this high quality user-friendly sim.

The people who know the deal and are forced to try certain strategy to adapt to limited hardware (like many LFS players are/were) are not in the target market here.

Scawen didn't dumb the game down because he didn't have to. He knew his customers would find ways to catch up if there's no way around it.

With that said, assuming the assists are toggle-able, there's no reason to get mad.
Back in the days i remember race cars (and lots of driveable apron vehicles) for the MS Flightsims

still did not expect this to emerge for AC:

Dat Williams FW37 is awesome

So I'm finally thinking about getting another serious racing sim. AC being on sale right now on Steam is a huge temptation, as I don't have a lot of money at this moment.

Now, I've tried AC for a few hours (please don't ask me how), and I know I'll love the physics and handling, graphics, ffb, everything.

I'm also pretty sure that rFactor 2 would do the same for me. It doesn't look as good, but it's still nice to look at.

Now here comes the issue:
Some people have said that the online in AC is a mess because you get so many bad drivers on public servers.

Some people have said that the online in rFactor 2 is a problem because half of all servers will have some sort of mod configuration running that you don't have, and you'll spend ages looking for the right server.

What is your take on this? If the online mode in AC is enjoyable without joining a racing league and relying on fixed racing times etc (I don't have much time to race), then it's an almost instant buy for me.

If not, I seriously have to think about forking over the 50 USD for rf2. Also, rf2 has dynamic weather and this awesome, awesome "real road" feature...
Get both!
Aahaha, saw that coming Tilt
Don't have the money right now (I do, but I need it for other things), but if my current return to sim racing turns out to be more than a short flashback for me, I'm pretty sure I'll eventually get rf2 as well. I wouldn't mind the $12 annual fee at all - it's just the $50 starting price that puts me off.

Anyway, I caved in already and got AC. If it's good enough to keep me at the wheel doing hotlaps by myself, then I guess it'll do. It's the first game since LFS that has done that for me.

I still love LFS to bits. The cars and tracks have so much character, and they're so, so well designed in terms of their behavior. So far, I still enjoy them more than anything I've driven in AC up to now. The XRG is my favorite of them all...but I just can't find any race servers anymore that feature it.
After few hours (yes, it is not "instant") driving some supercars in AC, you will enjoy driving in it Big grin (big fan of LFS speaking)
At least, I have been able to do WRs on RSR with rwd (in fact there are almost only rwd cars in AC ... this is the problem), what in LFS is almost out of scope for me Big grin . After beeing a bit used to it, the handling is quite good for the cars I have tested (I admit that some are behaving quite strangely), and it looks like what you can read about the real car : a good point. As currently, having cars in LFS behaving correctly (I mean how a real car would) is not so possible, so having AC doing the thing quite well (not in 100% cases for sure Big grin ) is a very good thing !!
Never tested rf2.
Online is a bit of a pain in the a##.
You'll get wreckers which ever game you play in the public servers.
I haven't touch RF2. But I do enjoy AC and I setup a private server for just friends.
LFS is still the best for online play. If AC can sort their sh#t out and make things more user friendly it will go a long for the longevity of the game.
I think I finally had some fun with the F40. Until now it has been kinda love/hate relationship. Such so unpredictable and just plain difficult car to drive. Get the corner entry little bit wrong and you die every time from the catch fencing decapitating you from behind.

But decided to join a server online which had the yellow bird and the f40 s3. Both cars were really nice but the s3 was just beautiful on that track. It's like either the track was made for the car or the car was made for that track. Every corner was balanced crazy fun sim awesomeness instead of typical awkward spinning around and around. Even the last corner which I thought was the type of corner the f40 was especially programmed to not go around was just amazing. Brake late, turn in with holding the car on the right trajectory and once you are near the mid point give it all the power and the car just drives out from the corner like an *insert animal" on pcb.

Monza is deffo not a track for the ruf though. And it being monza t1 is like getting into elevator that can hold only 5 people with 20 other people and hope everybody survives the 20 story freefall...
Not very fair to run F40 s3 vs CTR
Only if server admin could force to use 'semis' on F40, on 90' slicks it's no contest
Yeah s3 eats the ruf for breakfast. But that being said there wasn't much racing anyways. Most people were struggling to keep the cars on road at all.
what does that mean ? dirt-mud and a rallycar or rx-car in AC for next patch ?Big grin
4 words: Rally pack

Basically now it is possible to make rallycross tracks, tires and cars I think. Wonder how kunos will implement rally tires. Currently there is no line in the tires.ini for thread height for example so if kunos plans to go with highest grip values=best grip on dirt surfaces then with some cars slick tires will be the best ones. For rallycross tracks which have both dirt and tarmac surfaces this would be kinda problematic...
Finally did a multiplayer race, love this car.

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