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There's even an easy way to solve this booking shit; implement a 10 car limit per session for example, and force all players to load those cars upon joining.

Sure it would take longer to get in to a server, but rather that than this fustercluck of a system.
Lol.., attack of the 50ft bmw!
I have a server running atm, Sonicrealmsracing.

Only 8 players (home connection) with the tatus f1 at imola.

No password.
My lap at Nords with mighty F40
*Some sideways action at
T13 exit
Hatzenbach 2
Adenauer Forst
Metzgesfeld 2
Wehrseifen exit
and spectators favorite - Br√ľnnchen 2
blame the street 90' tires

Holy baby jesus, just tried this Nordschleife version, by Snoopy ... ILU5tWnc/edit?usp=sharing
I can no longer play Tmanning47 version after trying this one, so much better same track only with much higher resolution mesh, still bumpy in right places, but AC physics engine handle those bumps like it should
Just did a lap with z4 gt3, felt like I am Uwe Alzen himself - it's simracing heaven
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That version is a million times better to drive!
Your vid the new version or the old?
I find better to drive with HDR turned off but then I don't see BMW 1M's braking lights - is it just me?
Quote from Mysho :I find better to drive with HDR turned off but then I don't see BMW 1M's braking lights - is it just me?

I have also HDR turned off and i don't see braking lights very well either. And that is with every car i've raced with.
New version is also visually better
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dunno in my one i see the end of the world,plus corridors dont stop the car,and i fall in the to blackhole like in lfs
Quote from R3DMAN :Fordie, search for "GT3 Race Server" its my server and there is a race every 30 ish mins. Usually a full 15 ppl grid. Its the same server me and triston was racing on earlier, lag free.

Thanks mate, but after another (2night in a row ) frustrating even, I took my revenge on some COD Ghosts players

Will try again.....for a third time later today

I don't recall it being a collision object. It's probably a placeholder for booked cars that haven't joined yet.
Quote from kars19 :I just took pics in places where it looks finished

It's a carzilla

Proof...there is a rally mod coming, look at that Suspension Travel

Either that or this was the early setup for the first release of the Ring, so it could ride those bumps....PMSL

What is the latest version of the tech preview? 0.9.9?
I have just been able to have an online race....OMG a lot of waiting around, but much to my surprise.....I didn't get spanked :jawdrop:

I was actually competitive...The start was hilarioius, but once it settled down, this is actually really good. The netcode is smooth ( although I was getting 23ms ping to server ) and I really enjoyed it.

Now I would love to drive with my fellow LFS's.

Also, I noticed alot of you have the red dials, not the default AC ones, what app is that? Also is there a was to display race info on screen, laps left etc etc, just until I get used to things.

Cheers guys and girls, and hopefully see you soon

That Nordschleife actually looks awesome Didn't expect that this early..
Quote from Fordman :Also, I noticed alot of you have the red dials, not the default AC ones, what app is that

The green one (with changable colors) in my screenshot is called OV1Info - should be easy to find in google. It has few extra features like fuel calculation,tyre temps and few more,but it has one problem - the revs range is constant,so with high reving cars you won't see the marker going past 9k. And speedo updates just 2 times per second,but that's not that important I guess.
Jesus F christ, wherever i try to enter..

Quote from Boris Lozac :Jesus F christ, wherever i try to enter..

I went in that server a bit ago, got myself on the pole and then got taken out by some guy going the wrong way around the track
I noticed if I got that message, I left it 2-3 seconds, and clicked join again and it worked

Also I wrote this on AC forum....Apart from the obvious, if they done these quick fixes, it would make AC a lot more enjoyable...what you think?? ... personal-experience.9804/


Is this the Nord you guys are talking about? Normal behavior this 'water' or whatever it is?
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Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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