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Seen that car race in Baltimore last year,its sound was amazing,infact it was the best sound of all gtr's. lets hope it will be like that ingame aswell
Just watched it. Very nice.
Fck me, Zonda R in the first version, this all sounds very promising..
Quote from JazzOn :But that's not in-game, is it?

I think it's about the sticker on the car.
Thats a lot of wheelwheight
Are there any news about the tech-demo for NKPro owners? Wasn't it supposed to be out until the end of this month?
Ive not seen anythin as yet.
24 Sep Stefano Casillo ‏@KunosStefano
@McKafre relax guys, we're way late and busy,I don't see anything coming out before the end of October, but trust me,good things are cookin'
lol i love the sincerity about tires
Those dreaded words, "when it's done."
Something's cooking...

Edit: Kimi's victory tribute

Daaaamn boiiiii
i came
Now I know where I gonna put my money on... this looks just awesome!
Quote from jrd.racer :

God damn I hope they put in some more 60s tracks to go with that Lotus. Mmmm... old Spa...

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
(8873 posts, started )