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Quote from ajp71 :What force feedback settings are people running?

Gain is going to be different depending on the wheel. With my DFGT i run anything from 45 to 60 depending on the car.

Everything else should be set to 0 imo, though i did boost the road FFB enhancement slider to 20% just to enhance the track surface feel.
i just did a 1 58 5 with f40 on imola,which is 4 sec slower than # 1 on rsr and im extremly happy with that,may even make a vid of it so u can see the struggle
i just managed to beat the BMW M3 GT2 Challenge @ Imola..

well chuffed
Thanks for all the advice guys.

Things that made difference for me:

4x sparse grid supersampling and the other things troy mentioned are magic: even though my average fps has gone down the game has gone from a blurry, washed out, flickering, inconsistently stuttering mess to to a crispy clean, smooth flowing, fantastic looking sim.

This combined with lowering the FOV to 50° has allowed me to actually see where the track is going and lets me get an idea where my car is heading.

Going really low on the FFB gain also does its part in letting me fight the car instead of the wheel.

One thing I'm really enjoying with the DTM M3 at Imola is the way the rear of the car dances around controllably under heavy braking, something I haven't felt in a sim before.

Also the way the balance changes between on and off throttle is great.

Tristan, what happened? Violent snap-back oversteer?
Quote from J.B. :
One thing I'm really enjoying with the DTM M3 at Imola is the way the rear of the car dances around controllably under heavy braking, something I haven't felt in a sim before.

Also the way the balance changes between on and off throttle is great.

These really sum up what makes AC such a great driving experience, for the first time in a sim I've been able to feel and understand the car sliding well within the actual limit. I think AC is the only sim experience I've had where it is natural and easy to drive at a quick but controlled pace. I tried some laps in iRacing the other night and was struggling to drive in a straight line in the Lotus 49.
Give me the most sattisfying combo you've found so far..
Quote from Boris Lozac :Give me the most sattisfying combo you've found so far..

I would, but I'd change my mind 10 seconds later

Too many great combos.

In summary: Anything@Anywhere.
Quote from Boris Lozac :Give me the most sattisfying combo you've found so far..

I'm still a sucker for the E30 at Imola.
Found some new love for the McLaren tonight (yes, I'm behind the curve. Give me a break my wife just birthed our 4th thus I was subdued last night )

I was so focused on trying to be at least competitive in the 458, that it took quite a mind-shift to just get the McLaren around the track at a decent pace. And then I realized: "Shit. This car pretty much does what you ask". That's when the fun began. I started driving it like it listened to what I had to ask of it, and all was well. THEN, I asked a little more and reacted almost pre-emptively with some opposite lock and all of a sudden we understood each other much better.

LFS sort of pioneered the fact that different cars have a different feel and a different methodology needed based on vehicle characteristics (imo), but AC has taken this a step forward somehow and I'm not versed on exactly how they do things so I can't comment on WHY that seems to be.

But I challenge any man on this forum to fire up that F40, have exactly one beer (to make sure your BS meter isn't so high that greatness doesn't elude you), put some LOUD headphones on, and give it 30 mins around your favourite track. The thing sounds exactly like it should, the boost is awfully close to acting like real turbos from the late 80s, and it handles like shit but is so recoverable that you don't care because you'll break your jaw smiling as your counter-steer through trivial matters with ease long before you have the gumption to resist it's allure. That is unless you're Blueflame and choose to spew shit about it to light the boards on fire as usual.

To any dolt that criticizes the F40: keep these simple facts in (a match for a simple) mind:

1) Car weighs little but has big tires and SOME downforce (mostly rear) and almost 500hp
2) Tiny little 80s V8 - Tiny torque on it's own
4) Two turbos from the 80s to assist with previous
5) Discs the same size as my Mazda

And then don't post stuff like "The F40 has turbo lag! It has poor brakes! It understeers! WTF!" If you post shit like this, you didn't get the sim or the car expecting those things which puts you into the category of dumb-dumb. That car has been very challenging to model and AC has been the first to put their balls on the line, and it's pretty damn convincing as far as I can tell. If by some miracle I get to drive one one day, I'll report back, but for now I am duly impressed.

F40 Verdict: It's a piece of crap by today's standards; and I love it!
Quote from Matrixi :This sums it up for the F40, even in AC:

It's fantastic, I want that car so badly. Now where's that 500K...

I was reading the AC forums yesterday and noticed people complaining how crap the F40 is... Then I watched that video last night and now I understand. Then I tried the F40 in AC, spent more time driving it. It's spot on!

It's just those people... what's hard and challenging to drive = sucks. Those should drive the Z4 GT3 or M3 GT2. Those are easy, yet nice to drive. My fave is the 599XX so far, that sound, that speed. Needs better exterior sounds though.

Oh and the skinning templates are now officially released.
The F40... It's just shit. Turbo lag, shitty gear ratio and basically 0 chassis stability. Brakes are shite and unless you're bogged down off boost you just can't keep the thing in a straight line off the corners.

The fact that /drive video shows CH not being able to keep the F40 in a straight line sums up how bad the chassis is. People just feel the power of the twin turbo unit and see a Ferrari badge on the car and just automatically believe it must be the most amazing car ever made.
i have a blast with the f40 anywhere
I'm going to get murdered, but I haven't even tried te F40 yet.
My only complaint with the F40 is that the RSR leaderboard does not distinguish between Tires Road90s and the slicks or the modern road tires. I love driving it with its original set up. She is such a bitch.
Quote from dawesdust_12 :I'm going to get murdered, but I haven't even tried te F40 yet.

... I've only driven the F40 since it came out and not touched the other new cars yet. Must give them a go today.
The bmw gt2 is easy to drive at 90% but you try get that extra 10% and it becomes quite difficult, you have to be so smooth.
Would love to be wrestling with the F40 right now, but I fear for my hardware in this heat. It's almost 10pm too...
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People forget one simple thing: F40 is an old car, so it was built in those days where technologies weren't as good and smooth as nowadays are. No wonder why engine, brakes, gears don't respond and act in the way as nowadays engine, brakes and gears do.
I have some question as a steam-non-user - are the download speeds in general pathetic or it's for some reason only for me? Found some wi-fi hotspot,speedtest result is ~10Mbits,even currently the download peak is just 400KB/s (also 3.2Mbit),it's downloading with interuptions,usually maxing just 100KB/s then goes to 0. Browsing websites doesn't seem to be interupted,everything goes smoothly like with normal connection,just the steam download is crap - current time remaining averages 2 days. I can't sit here for 2 days ffs...
Quote from e2mustang :for the graphics i found some options to be nice with high fps.

Hdr off,vertical sync off,lock cam to horizon off,anisopic filter 4x,AA 2x, cube resolution low,6 faces per frame and than in nvidia inspector add the game,than aa transperancy supersampling 4x sparse grid,vertical sync tear control adaptive

What GFX Card is that?
It did it for me with an avarage of 7 MB/sec around 15 minutes or something, can't remember exactly.

Kunos Simulazioni - Assetto Corsa
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