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Constantly refreshes this thread.
Does about the same
Quote from Dennis93 :Does about the same

Denis... what to say about you? Guess I canot say something usefull, because after all, your one of our neightbour, and beeing in the street with Finland and Sweden... well not much nice can be said then can it?

Quote from frotto110 :Lives in country with most energy usage per citizen in whole Europe.

Is that true?
If so, I blame the temperature
Runs on vodka
Runs on feet.
Doesn't run
posts in time for dinner
can only post one-liners
Is from Nowhereland
Does not understand that it's not the quantity that counts, it's quality! Therefor a spammer!
have nasty dog in avatar
Want to be a troll but fails completely.
Is a Scirocco upside down troll.
Didnt put the spammer in the ignore list.
is nice guy
Ninja'd Senninha25.

I don't know where to find the ignore list lol. I was once searching for it but gave up
Talking about ignoreing someone... ...maybe best poster on forum
Thinks he's the best forum poster
know who is best poster... frotto
Is my old friend in LFS. IHR times... you know
thinks he know me
He doesn't remember our races, he defeated me every time in the past
saying truth (now i remember)
Spams the forum all day.
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )