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a fun little old-school graphic 3d sandbox game where you build stuff with blocks.

here's what im working on, its still a WIP

We are currently playing on Boosted's Minecraft server, so if you have the alpha/beta version of Minecraft, just make a post here and Boosted will most likely add you to the whitelist!
The server IP is:

Also, Boosted has a TeamSpeak server set up too, join if you dare!
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Ow, looks quite interesting. It reminds me the old good tetris times.
good,now make that in crysis's sandbox 2 !

btw how many million hours to do that?
Quote from e2mustang :good,now make that in crysis's sandbox 2 !

btw how many million hours to do that?

5-6 hours was spent on that, mostly for the tires to get them perfect

Ill see tomorrow if I will finish it, I planned doing an interior to it too
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Oh no, there goes the rest of my free time, theres something so addictive about pointlessly hacking huge caves out of the ground, thanks for the link.
oh so brilliant gave into temptation and got alpha.
Omg I bought it, it's so addictive...
This game is totally awesome, I bought it two months ago.
its kinda fun somewhat :P
building random stuff...

like my pic...hey, i can see my house from here!
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Dou you close your tabs?
no, never.
those tabs are often needed...thats why they are open
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One bored afternoon...

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Theres been a influx of minecraft videos lately Thanks to SeaNanners mentioning Davi this guy -> and his lets play series. Minecraft videos have been appearing like wild fire clearly Machinima has a influence on youtube

Hehe i got the game and have this wicked house inside a mountain surrounded by mostly glass and waterfall here and then Its pretty cool.
I got it

Anyone got any tips to start off the SP? I'm following X's LP

EDIT: I can't even get wood, I beat down the tree, nada

I'm screwed
awesome game, awesome game.
I am absolutely addicted to this game. Cannot wait until notch adds mobs to multi player.
Omg this is addicting, its like playing with legos!!!!!!!!! I love it, just building my bunker
I love it now I got the hang of it. I wind up living in a coal seam.

Cue overabundance of torches for exploring

One tip I find is to leave a trail of torches, stop and go back, get more, continue.


Quote from 5haz :One bored afternoon...

Raise you this

For the lulz ... 3dTrA&feature=related

And i'll post what I'm doing now...

That bit over by the water was the ORIGINAL entrance, I dug around a bit.
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SO true

I had a creeper spawn in a cave earlier

Said shelter is on a 3x3 square in a lava flow.

The creeper blew half of it up as I was placing torches
Quote :Markus Persson, a.k.a. Notch, the developer of Minecraft, posted on his development blog today that PayPal limited his account wit ... fied cause on August 25th. Since then, payments for the alpha version of Minecraft have continued accumulating while Notch has been unable to withdraw them, and the account now contains over €600,000.

WTF PayPal



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