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Theres only one beer thats really worth drinking IMO, shame you cant get it in the UK though.

Bitburger is better

Quote from Migz :Makes total sense.
180W per channel, 2 channels so 360W in total.
So i should aim for at least 200W speakers per channel so that i don't overpower it and blow it?
And yup i know i think i mentioned it somewhere in my video description, im worried about blowing that speaker so i dont normally tend to go over 1/3 volume, just put it up to full in the video as it was only for a minute or two.
Just wondering, how likely would it be for a speaker to blow if its being overdriven like the 69W speaker is?
I was thinking of buying an ipig and dismantling it and using the sub and two speakers in my bike, i'd heard it at my friends house and it was unbelivably loud and bassy. But now i've just got home and noticed that it's 4W per speaker and 15W for the subwoofer, that will probably end up blowing with my amp :/

best thing you can do bud is buy speakers designed for motorbikes. you've probs noticed that a speaker being used outside sounds so much different (lower)from the same speaker being played inside (louder).
the only thing i could recommend is to have your bass in the seat as the vid shows. and maybe your mid/high closer to your ears. this is because bass is omnidirectional and can pass through objects but mid and high are not.
mid and high bounce off objects. this is why when you walk past a nightclub, you only hear the bass. but yea, you basically need to be smart with your speaker selection and positioning.
Cheers for that Dadge, will definitly take all of that into account
Quote from Osco :Men with penises drink Hertog Jan

men without penises are called butch women.
also known as piss-water drinkers
2 of these.
Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2L
Intel 5300
Powercolor ATI HD 5670
PSU, case and 250GB HDD

I love receiving big boxes of fun
I was originally going to run slicks on my SV650 but I don't have a spare set of rims yet for rains, so DOT's it is. I ran the Supercorsa Pro's last year, which are the previous generation of this line of tire. We'll see how the new ones do. I've heard a lot of good things about them.

Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC

and some more parts for my car...
for streaming
PS3 60GB - £126.99 (with 3 year extended warranty).

Gotta love clearance bargains at work, although it's not for me unfortunately
finaly my accu is gonna stay in the phone weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

i think i was never so happy to spend some 4€ ^^
my friend slammed the phone outta my hands and it went flying onto some nice cement, chipped the chrome off all four corners of my EnV touch, but that all thank god....its so defective but now i might not be able to return it
Doesn't sound like much of a friend.
he was caught up in the moment....i just diddnt feel like telling the story

we were running from his mom (no idea why :really
then he had the bright idea to be right outside of her window, and my phone was out, and bam!
i have bought a opel kadett ^^
And a Samsung Touchwiz

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