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Quote from Matrixi :

Got Xiaomi Pistons today after nearly a months shipping time from XiaomiWorld.

Can't complaing about their performance though, they sound and feel like 100€ Sennheisers for a quarter of the cost.

Oh, and they smell like chocolate.

I like the look of them so much that a pair will be bought on pay day Big grin
You won't be disappointed with them, just make sure you don't buy fake Pistons. Smile

Bought something for the summer, getting back in to airsoft to get some much needed workout:

A Bike stand to keep my MTB upright.

Replaced the aging Titan with a:

Funny how they're $650$ in murica, and over $900 in europe. Gotta love that weak euro, huh.
1TB of SSD awesomeness. Smile

Nice. I'm still waiting for the 1TB SSD prices to go down a bit more, 256GB is still my largest drive. Big grin

ZTE Blade Vec 4G, dirty cheap

New studio monitors (smallest in the pic, can't afford the bigger ones), hand made in switzerland, some of the best studio monitors money can buy (and bloody expensive, but worth every cent)...


and this

for my Corsa

Something to work on during the holidays Big grin

Before they are all gone and only the expensive xbox will be available.

"We are selling off this product as it will be replaced by the Universal Hub for Xbox One which has the same features and is compatible to PlayStation, PC and Xbox One. Please note that you can take off the button caps with the symbols so it will look exactly like the PC version which is on sale now.

Sale will only last until the inventory is gone so this is a good chance to get the rim you always wanted to have."
Boots/Sidi Apex

Gloves/FIVE Stunt
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Post your Last Purchase!
(7017 posts, started )