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Well I guess I didn't "buy" it, I had to put some money towards the phone, but I will get double that back from selling my old phone, and it's a way cheaper contract anyway. I had a look at other phones and nothing else appealed to me Don't worry I'm not a total apple fanboy, I've only ever owned 2 apple products in my entire life

Quote from R34GTR : I've only ever owned 2 apple products in my entire life

thats way too many :P

this for my hpi E10,ofc just the clear shell unpainted.
wooo expensive wintergloves :icon23:
as my 4870 got broken I had to replace it:

sapphire 7850 oc
Diagnostic cable for car:




Together with a bunch of:

and crates full of buttons.
I'd like one of the SLI-PRO's.. I have my SLI-M that I've built stuff for.. but having an SLI-PRO would be nice.

but for $150.. I don't think it's worth it to have one to develop stuff with.
2 packas kondoms
a wardrobe from Ikea, and I just managed to build it and realize halfway trough the build, that I built parts of it inverted
Spensive booze, that.

Waiting at a light getting off the M1 this morning I saw a Jack Daniels bottle lying in the grass at the side of the road, looked like it had been tossed out of a driver's side window.
Speaking of booze. I need more scotch...
I discovered Milka's and Daim's some kind of mix and I fell in love. I went to the shop and got mad and bought 1kg of that. This shit is good. I'll be fat soon, brb.

Ticket for Hardcore Heaven Awards 2012, o2 Academy - Birmingham, B1 1DB. Saturday, 8th December 2012, bought.

Ticket for HTID & DREAMSCAPE present New Years Eve 2012/2013 on Mon 31 December 2012 at Q Club, Birmingham, bought.

Getting the tickets for Tuesday, 1st January at 07:00, B2T - Final Destination New Years Eve After Party, Gatecrasher Birmingham, at a later date.
Alienware Optx AW2310 for $217 ($55shipping :shrug from eBay.

GTA V here I come. Also Forza 4 is so gooooood!
finally will get rid of our old crt tv:

toshiba 40rl933g

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