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BMW e30 M3
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BMW e30 M3
Amazing skills! looks damn nice:wow:
:jawdrop: OMG that rocks!
Looks like S3
Like i said on Esfforum nice render..

The Model looks complete
Looks really good After you modelled all the interior shame you can't see any
:yikes: Nice one! :yikes:
Thanks all for nice replies. After I take a break from this, next step is to render it with the seats and dash visible from same camera.
finally , someone with a decent taste in cars ( remember to add the alpaine and 330i badges )
I wan't that car (E30 M3) in LFS
This is fkn fabulous!! :jawdrop:
superb :jawdrop:
Very nice work. Nice to see a completed car with detail interior! Good work
Any thoughts of modelling the engine and other mechanical parts as well?
Done yet Phonso?
Only December? Heh, it has felt like ages!
Believe me it has been ages lol! I really don't have the strength to model an engine and all those mechanical parts tbh heh

Still tweaking this current scene so stay seated!
To Mr.Phonso.
Can you please send me this scene, without car !?
I need this cool black background., please.

Sorry For My Bad English.
WOW! That thing looks real. It is as if someone actually took a photo of it. great job!
are you sure thats not a photo?
I still think your scene is to dark for that car, you need to put it out in a location like that picture I showed you not that long ago.

Wheel material also needs some help too unless they are a very metallicky alloy.

I tell you what though, I'm glad I convinced you to get rid of those ugly textured headlights into 3d, they look fantastic.
What picture did you show me? lol. Yeah, I agree with you about the rim material. I just checked some refs I had and now I know what to do.

Oh, and yes, I am glad that I modeled those head lights. In fact, when I began this project even the blinkers were textures, and I didn't even have fog lights. Now all the lights are there, in the form of geometry :P
I absolutely love the rendering style. It looks more like its been airbrushed instead of rendered from a 3D mesh.

BMW e30 M3
(256 posts, started )