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Cars we wanna see in S3
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Again this...

I just want more cars to the GTR-class and maybe a more powerful GTR-prototype class with some 800hp beasts. And some 350hp rwd race cars, maybe some race-tuned cobras with v8 (or 12 litre inline 16 cylinder tripleturbo engine cars with solid rear axle and no wings).

Too bad the current GTR-class cars are not enough powerful if compared to the ferraris and such in FIA GT and too close in power to the DTM cars... But I'm suspecting the devs have thought about it, so who knows? And there is no way of knowing if we even get any new cars before S3. But I'd be surprized if we didn't get any superpowerful cars...

But to add dumpers, we need wider tracks Also check the chick in the pic :lovies3d:
Buses would be a great idea.

How cool
I would like to see the GTR cars get rally tyres (including the XF and UF GTR's). Also an XR GT GTR would be nice to compete with them, but rear wheel drive. And an RB4 GTR would be nice to compete with the other GTR's on the rally track. Maybe it should have a bigger engine and be normally aspirated in contrast to the FXO GTR. Also a Forumla V10 would be nice. And LM cars... (you guessed it - Le Mans.. :tilt Like FZ50 LM with a bigger motor or a turbo on the current one choning out 600-650hp. A XR LM with a bigger engine and turbo. FXO LM and RB4 LM... you get the idea - mooooore and bigger...
YEEEE! i agree,it would be great to have like an initial d style track,an definately an AE86,maybe a 200sx S14 sorta car wud be nice to
For me I think an oval track with english (not American) stock cars could be fun, maybe a demolition derby?

Additional thought - how about compulsory toilet breaks in endurance racing?
Formula Ford
Add a Formula Ford or two. Something like a Swift DB-1, Van Diemen RF79, Gurney Eagle, Tiga, Crossle, whatever.
I'd love a formula ford (Van Diemen preferably..) or even some little Formula Vee's

I think I've posted in this thread already, but I'd still like an LMP car and a GTP car
i would like to see (old) racing trucks in lfs.
id like to see some truck racing something like below would own especially on the oval!
how about some old school

VW Golf 2 GTI


Kadet GSI
If we go old school. Lets go old school.

It has 2 pony power

Quote from P5YcHoM4N :If we go old school. Lets go old school.

It has 2 pony power

And it's RWD
Quote from DodgeRacer :Minivans of course..

yes! that would be really fun if you added a minivan!
plz do it..
60 mph is fun
there could be a very slow class containing a kart a mini moto and a quad they would be great fun and good for begigners who are new to the game it would be a bit weird using a steering wheel to turn a mini moto and a quad though
LM Prototypes.

2 classes of LM Prototypes is all they need for now

just my opinion
Hello, I just would like more rallycars but not real cars, just fictionnal cars
And some other fictionnal cars.
I'd like to see the RaceAbout be updated to the 2005 version!
how is the 2005 version different from 2002?
Quote from HittiS :...what cars do you like to see in S3 if you could make a wish?

More slow cars like the UF1000, maybe something similar to the (old) beetle.
I would like Andros Trophy cars with one Andros Trophy track environment (smth like 5 tracks in it) - that be cool
Quote from PLAYLIFE :how is the 2005 version different from 2002?

At least there is new instruments and interior. Now I'm not sure if LFS still has the old engine as Raceabout got new engine too, more power :P

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We need "hot rods":

basicaly more drivetrain, engine placement, and engine type variety in each class.

Cars we wanna see in S3
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