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Cars we wanna see in S3
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Add the legendary Audi rally car but the improved version or either a tuned S3 would be nice. Nissan Skyline/Silvia/350z.370z or GTR, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Honda S2000,Mazda Rx7 / Rx8, Hyundai Tiburons V6,Porsche Boxter/911/Carrera S,Opel Astra Rally version, BMW M3/E92, Toyota Supra AND for trackadd Germanys Nurburgring !
In the spirit of LFS, a non-marque LM sportscar class would be cool - especially if there was a couple of different body kits that could fit on the same chassis for variety...
11 year old thread and we don't see any of these cars in game.
Damn i wish there is Scirocco for S1 S2 and S3
I was just wondering, even if we all have replied to see specific cars, including me, isn't it easier to say, I wanna see "ALL" cars in S3, lol.

EDIT: but then again, I realised it is all about what cars we wanna see NEXT in S3
Quote from Waileer :11 year old thread and we don't see any of these cars in game.

Because this thread is useless, just like the "Tracks we wanna see in S3".

4462 posts for now, maybe 60% of them that are just random people writing a random car or track.

I'm sure ScaViEr already have a roadmap for cars and tracks they want to see, which type of car/tracks they can't implement with current engine restrictions, etc.
Quote from nacim :Because this thread is useless, just like the "Tracks we wanna see in S3".

"Tracks we wanna see in S3" should be renamed "List of search-incompetents who wanna see Nordschleife in S3"
This, 850 kgs of weight, with a N/A 2.5 V6 with 200 Hp. No controls, old tyres type, Middle-rear engine and a lot of fun.


Can you give some other ideas I seriously dont see any use of this same cars just caravans or sedans or coupe, its the same car post something new! New car v8, v12 seriuously people are you blind !?!?!?!?
Quote from Tomislav531 :Can you give some other ideas I seriously dont see any use of this same cars just caravans or sedans or coupe, its the same car post something new! New car v8, v12 seriuously people are you blind !?!?!?!?

You need to slow down and re-read what you type before posting - you could be making a very good point, but no-one will ever know because they can't understand what you wrote...

As has been said many times - this list is just wishful thinking. The chances of anything in this list making it into the game are miniscule. The chances of influencing the decisions of the devs are slim-to-none. The chances of anyone on this forum doing anything differently because of one unintelligible rant are pretty much zero.
Best Part
How About Supercar's?

I fancy myself a bit of a designer and i have 4 different but not complete blueprints of supercar's that i was hoping to one day make a reality and this is close enough. Bad news is i cannot upload previews as these are unfinished archives and because i have that much faith in them. I can save a lot of effort with the archived design's

I see a lot of people want V8's and most supercar's are + i want to see LFS grow to a extreme magnitude because This game is that good!

It can become S4

As a future S2/S3 owner i would say supercar's Would be perfect for attracting a lot more Interest and activity(if you know what i mean) Wink

EDIT:And how about adding the best, Most daunting race track, The legendary Nurburgring!
VW LFS is officially dead.
Please other real car. Ideally, the Skoda Fabia 3;-)
People want fun in driving, testing reality. They do not want fictitious math competitions.
now 90% of people set their car on reality, not the best time. ( Diversion wheels, engine power, gear ratios, tire pressures, passengers, swing dampers.

LFS has a chance to be again the best entertainment. But mathematicians have died,,, to feed their children. no time to count.
Ace WestlY Nejlepší řidič od Škoda fabia 3 generace ve Varnsdorfu ;-)
Quote from WestlY :VW LFS is officially dead.

One of us misunderstands what official means.
After having launched World Racing Series few weeks back, I saw that Piboso has implemented Sprintcars ... did not know about these monsters before, and even if the game was crashing, seeing the specs of these cars is a total madness and seem incredibily FUN (even if we are speaking of turning left all the way Tongue ) :

Cars are something like ~600kg, 7.0L V8 engine with 800-900hp ...
Big grin Big grin Big grin
Quote from Racon :One of us misunderstands what official means.

my email from LFS Tech. ( - VW )


The video is fake. We do intend to release the VW when the tyre physics have been updated, but is not available in game yet.

There have been many discussions about it on our forum before.


so ok, i dont want really car VW .. i want more setting for create really car
1) start meaby .. possibility change charakter motor ..1.0 MPI 1.2 TSI .. 1.4 HTTP and more.. for XFG -- change only power in motor is bad ( i want torque , power - for reality )

2) mayby transfers power in small RPM ( CP ) . typical car SKODA is perfect for 1000 - 2300 rpm ... but skoda no problem in 6000rmp Smile .. my new 1.2 tsi/81KW/5monts 45 000km/5,6 Liter benzine/100 Smile no problem power all gear 6000 RMP .. DORTMUND - DRESDEN complet 200 - 215 KM/H ( 4500 RMP 6gear - speed is GPS mobile = really tacho hardware view + - ) before Dresden stauff autobahn ist standart .. I have to slow down 6gear - 1100 RMP
i can not create combinations in LFS becose virtual car.
3) diesel skoda octavia(fxo, rb4) .. best of traktor-vector(gear) ... in autobahn 165km/h 4,5 liter 190km/h 6 liter. ( i'm all life drive skoda ;-)

4,5,6) and more

I want setting and check engine reality to consult with other people in the game ..

It is does only virtual math virtual car ... the only reality in the LFS is a garage at the races Frown + mirror ..
LFS can once again be my best game. /// pardon missing text , i czech: D -- i use translate google.
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I want the Volkswagen Scirocco Dead banana
We ask for one or some new cars no matter what, we ask that the game go ahead and do not lose players just like this is happening because it is not new.
Always +1 for trucks, but I dunno what the score would be with the extra wheels.

...and while we're here, whatever those things are in the Lucas Oil Off Road Series ( I want one!
I would love to see some old Formel cars like in rfactor2
Spark f1-f2-f3
These cars are brilliant and make so much fun to drive. I would say its one of my absolute favorite in the racing Simworld.

Cars we wanna see in S3
(4449 posts, started )