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Cars we wanna see in S3
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I'd like to see the following classes:

-Super 2000 touring cars: like BMW 320i, Alfa Romeo 156, Seat Leon, etc.
They have like 280 BHP out of 2000ccm engines and use slick tires.

-Faster GT class: Bigger cars with bigger engines (V8, V10, maybe even V12). Like Aston Martin DBR9, Ferrari 550, Saleen S7, etc.

-Prototype class: like ALMS or LeMans prototypes like Audi R8, Bentley EXP Speed 8, BMW V12 LMR, etc.
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Yeah, LFS needs a touring car class

Everytime I watch the WTCC races I think how cool it would be to have a car class like these in LFS
They have slick tires, no extravagant aerodynamics etc which allows close racing

I´d sooo love these cars in LFS
How about some 3-wheelers? Just think about the exciting 30 km/h top speed!

Wanted Cars: Honda S2000 or Mazda Miata, Rally Cars (ex Subaru WRX), Porsche 911 (it would be cool ), and there should be a SUV class with Lincoln Navigators and Porsche Cayanne's (sp?)
Quote from Cool Eithen :and there should be a SUV class with Lincoln Navigators and Porsche Cayanne's (sp?)

No, no, no, no!

Next you'll be asking for 22 inch spinners to put on your SUV.

Suv stands for Stupid Ugly Vehicle, btw..
I wanna see some real (by real I mean over 3.0L displacement) V8, V10, and V12 cars. Enough of these shoddy sport compacts and Turbo 4's. Who cares? There's a reason most servers have the 3 race cars as the only available cars, because they are the most fun to drive. Of course before they make new cars they need to make the sound engine advanced enough to at least compete with 1990's racing games, heck maybe even something from earlier this decade? Who even wants to have any new cars when the ones we have now sound worse than that one Monaco GP racing game from the 80's?
Quote from Cool Eithen :Wanted Cars: Honda S2000 or Mazda Miata, Rally Cars (ex Subaru WRX), Porsche 911 (it would be cool ), and there should be a SUV class with Lincoln Navigators and Porsche Cayanne's (sp?)

There are already enough low powered roadsters in the game. And the FZ50 is almost identical to a new Porsche 911 Carrera S in every way but the nose and the tail lights. If you want to race an SUV go buy NFS underground 2.
Redline for an LS1 is a little over 6000 RPM. Redline for the 7.0L LS7 is 7,000. Small-blocks can rev like crazy. Big-blocks, not so much.

Would definitely like to see a couple big ol' muscle cars. Stadium trucks would be cool too. Really, anything big and loud is good with me.
Station wagon?(I'm serious...)

I'd love to see a passat race at blackwood :P

A touring-car race like ETCC/BTCC

Maybe rally(stages instead of laps liek we have now), but it would be hell to program i guess
electromobils... and bulldozers LOL. i would like to see in S3 more cars like BMW or something like in BTCC.
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Not yet drag strip truck that has jet engine with afterburners?

When we get more realism, most of these ultra fast cars could be too hard to enjoy, it becomes more like GTR, blasting straights with insane speed, then brake mile before corner and do corner like granny and again when straight opens incredible fast accelerating to insane speed and so on.

Anyway I like more from cars that I can actually drive some day, cars that still needs skill, everyone very different to drive, cars that have less than 300hp, 150hp is very good, if it is done properly, with reallike torque curves.

I would like to see cars like Alfa 75 or Volvo 360 that is my car Also other hot hatch class cars. Old Celicas are nice too.

Also we have now only one FR and one FF battling against each other, would be nice to have different kind of cars at same level.
- Just a little brainstorming about having tons of cars -

If at some time, the car creation tools are released, we will have lots of cars available. I agree with the ones who say that most of them will be crap, but we will have a lot of "usable" cars. Setting up the cars available in a server will be a problem, so I thought about it:

My idea is to let in the server any car that meets some restrictions, eg, "Any car up to 3L", or "any car up to 250BHP". If we have a lot of options like, weight, displacement, power, engine placement, class (road, race, open wheel) or even year of construction, we could set up a lot of championships without having to select specific cars.

Ok, I know this is hard, and I have to say I'm no big fan of having the car creation tools (I prefer having tons of tracks than tons of cars), but if they are released, I think this is a good way to create car classes for races.

Back to the topic, I would like a RWD competitor for the GTi, something like a BMW 1 Series, and some others.
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I want my inline 8-cylinder with skinny bias-ply tires, and no roll cage or doors.
an MR monster like the Gallardo, road and GTR.
the LX8, and LX8 GTR.
Why request a 911 when there's the rear-engined, boxer-6 FZ?
One or more motorcycles.
the thing that got allot of ppl into games like Live4Speed and GranTurismo1&2, was that you could drive actual road cars. Having F1 cars, prototypes, has been over done imho. Sure, having a range of cars is good, but my favourite times playing LFS were when racing gti, gt, gtt, rb4, fxo. I think that if there were more cars in those classes, it would be good fun.

the gti/gt class - rwd 4cyl covertable, rwd 4cyl mid mounted,....
the rb4/fxo class - rwd v6 sedan, rwd supercharged 4cyl ...

how about one of those small cars that are both turbocharged and supercharged - Nissan March Super Turbo - that would be a first to have one of them engines put into a game.......

dont want to take out racing sim competition, (eg, gt legends) but maybe a few classics would be a bad thing imho. always been a fan of the loud petrol guzzling V8's.
I would like to see more GTR cars , Formula 1 Cars and very more Cup Cars.
But the most i like see more Roadcars with SLICKS!!!
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Cars I'd like to see would be:

1) A classic muscle car similar to GT Legends.
2) LMP
3) Touring car like BMW 3 series.

I'd quite like to see...

...a 60's Formula 1 Car, no downforce (Grand Prix Legends style), a 70's Formula 1 Car - odd shape experimental spoilers etc - and possibly some european supers... maybe a lamborghini murcielago but better yet.. stuff thats a bit more retro.. an 80's Ferrari GTO or better yet something like a Dino, fast, no grip, proper dirty sliding all over the place business.
Hmm I wonder if Scawen and Eric's 'development garage' could actually fit all these cars May we keep dreaming... will be a year from now probably until we see cars like what is mentioned here (S3 or beyond maybe?)

a rear-wheel driven XFR. (or possibly 4wheeldriven)

and 1 or two trucks.
Well I really like what the devs come up with so just more of anything they give us is great, all their cars look like pieces of alot of real cars so you can pretend that your driving whatever you wish. But as for real cars Id really like to see something 4door like an m5 or an Audi, also something sleek like the new eclipse or RX-8 would be awsome(Im all for the T.B.O class cars) some go-karts for the autocross and the beast in the pic would just rock, I just think its the most evil looking car ever(yeah I saw the Top Gear episode)
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Quote from Vain :How often are you going to post that reply, Eldanor? I saw it three times now.


Can you point me the other two? Maybe they are the times a thread like this has been started? I can't change my opinion from thread to thread
sounds like people want to be playing gran turismo instead. clio cup style would be good, they bounch those 2litre beasts around the track all the time, looks like a great laugh and close racing. maybe a kind of vintage class with e-type jag's and possibly v8 vantage style but those old style v8's would be more frustrating then fun when trying to get around a track.....proberly have to go up to R50's to keep the tires blowing out on 1 lap with all the weight and torque :P
late 70's style BMW M1, a V-12 Ferrari Daytona style and maybe trucks....

Cars we wanna see in S3
(4449 posts, started )