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3D LFS renders
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cars at a bad angle...

doesnt match the background

other than that nice job
Here one render with 2 skins from the 24H Race

Hi-Res Render

Attention Render is in 2800x1575
Rendered this about 2 weeks ago I think.

Lx10 Gtr "work in progress"

greetz caoz
Export the Morgan from GTR?
yes 100points
Thats great C40Z

Can renders be made in 1680x1050???
they can be made in any size
Quote from C40Z :Lx10 Gtr "work in progress"

If it hadn't got those crossed eyes like Morgan it could be something more LX-like.
If you do want it to land up looking like that Porsche, either way it would require you remodel the entire FZ50 from the start, otherwise there is no clean way (or good looking at that) of doing it.
/me is messing with interior. A WIP's attached, for future stuff on this, visit My thread.
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valentino rossi
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my lovely orange drift xrg

greetz caoz
My stuff with Niko's skin.
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umm thats a brutal wheel angle,u could change tires in every 2 weeks
Made these yesterday.
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LFC BF1.jpg
Quote from e2mustang :umm thats a brutal wheel angle,u could change tires in every 2 weeks

yah, kinda, im not working on it now
My sexy skin got in Funnycat's render, woo
I love the amount of camber, just what i wanted. new wallpaper
the rims are well modeled but too much crazy :irked:
Really nice C4OZ. You really put a lot of attention on details. Great.
:wow: Now thats the drift car i want in Lfs
rly nice (i would give u my supra taillight,and its perfect )

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )