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3D LFS renders
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Quote from Tomas.K :My first render

Find your ....interior1.tga. There is a little black box. You can change the colour of the window sides. You can see that your window sides are white. I think darker colour would be better.
Quote from samyip :You may need to adjust your monitor gamma. I can see more than decals although the image is slightly dark.

Use Adobe Gamma utility to adjust your screen's gamma if you have Photoshop installed.

i think he replaced the image, this one looks normal the other one was dark.
Quote from Tomas.K :My first render

The lights are hinged in the wrong place, the pivot point is the center of the bar going thru the lights.
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Hey, I'm making a little barn I've made walls, pillars beams etc, but i don't know how to texture them, i go into material editor by pressing m, then click on a wall with the pipet then go diffuse, bitmap, then select my texture but nothing happens, all help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks Michael.

Edit: dont worry guys i got it, i had to select multi\sub instead of standard
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I started work on an LX8 last night, that's what I needed the UVW tutorial for yesterday (thx Ian :thumb). I used the V8 model from the NASCAR Stock car scene found on one of the sites that has been linked to on here many times, but I can't remember which one so I'm not gonna link to it here.

I'm gonna try and get the engine bay looking realistic when I find some refferance pics (couldn't get any last night, coz Virgin employ idiots).
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LX8 WIP.jpg
LX8 WIP 2.jpg
LX8 WIP 3.jpg
Dig Racing Team LX8.jpg
absolutly supurb as per usal line
A little barn i built today, its still a WIP i think.
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Changed the V8 for the one I used in the UFV8 and added a battery.
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LX8 WIP 4.jpg
Nice engine
Update on my scene, darker background
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UFR studiolight.jpg
I modefied Micky's Barn a bit for this render.

This is where the Devs put the LX8.
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Abandoned LX8.jpg
yes! we have uncoverd it, now we will sell it..... on ebay.
barn looks great btw.

Something what i made cause i was bored,BTW,it´s a drag race car

@bmwe30m3: nice one! beauty modelling

@LineR32: beautyfull lights
working something on the LX here as well: trying to do a half decent suspension, now made a basic spring, both wishbones and a steering connect with dust cover, dampers and brake units on the way.
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Will you be releasing the new front suspension?
finished rendering my scene.
scene by me, and my RR team skin.
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barn test.jpg
Quote from LineR32 :Will you be releasing the new front suspension?

yup if I am done and I am happy with it, I certainly will. Just have to learn some basic UV texture mapping then I can continue with the brake assembly.
Quote from bmwe30m3 :

Something what i made cause i was bored,BTW,it´s a drag race car

wow very nice where did you that honda engine
Did some work today:P

My Cabrio

My little yellow beast

Quote from wygiuxx :wow very nice where did you that honda engine

Send me ur msn with PM and i´ll give it to you

and another.
@bmwe30m3: Nice cabrio and pickup, but in the FZ5 I dislike the windows here

mickyc30: hmm, simply?
my new LX4 arrived today, so we decided to fit it with a nice big shiny v8, we encounterd a problem trying to put the hood back on, but we are working on fixing that now.

ok we got alot done, i contacted my supplier about some parts and they sent them out in the very express post. I cut the hood to fit the motor, fitted a full chrome exhaust, chrome rollbar and chrome headlights.

This puppy also comes in gold trim, if you would like either one, just ask and ill post the scene, im going to do it in the scenes/materials thread anyway.

3D LFS renders
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