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3D LFS renders
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Finally Bose

I have a good student, what can I say Beautiful, damn I like that desert road, but use some blur on wheels and etc. Drivers inside too ofcourse.
Gustavo, last render is just perfect. :*
Quote from Töki (HUN) :Nice! Still need to work on the position of the brake calipers. Both front and rear ones.

Ooops, thanks for noting! Fixed
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And please dont use these rims I personally dont like them, maybe others do.

A few posts above I posted a couple of ss with RoJa Formula 2 rims, you might like them better. Personally I like the OzR rims when my skin is applied on the car and the RoJa ones when the car is painted plain blue
Quote from e2mustang :Just a little update on my 24gt scirocco,not much time lately to work on it

great modelling job there! keep it up

Ok i think i'm done with this ;D

Done in Blender

Share please :P
Quote from T.J. :Share please :P

make it the tire is on the forum somewhere i posted it, and the rim isn't the hardest one
Give me a rim tutorial for blender and I will give it a try :P A easy one :P
A request done for a friend =)
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Test 11.jpg
Reflections are weird other than that , pretty sweet and I like the rims.
The reflections are weird whatever I do :P And I had to remap the whole rim xD
And yeah.. I love to get something right :P
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Test 12.jpg
basicly it's the same in max, if you can edit in blender vertexes, lines and polys
I can give it a try.. Looking at Gustavo makes me wanna give up :P
Quote from T.J. :I can give it a try.. Looking at Gustavo makes me wanna give up :P

practice practice practice and you will learn it

3D LFS renders
(8487 posts, started )