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Was in the same race as me when a huge formula fox wreck happened.
Likes to rickroll people... Hint: signature
Is right.
Is close.
His avatar.. you'll shit bricks when you see it!
Mad finn.
likes bmw´s?
BMW enthusiast!

edit* fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu....stop it already....
Quote from Hahmo :His avatar.. you'll shit bricks when you see it!

now, im curious
^ Curious person.
That guys dog poops apples. Shit in english
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has a sick puppy.
this guy is creeping me out with that pic.
is only decent member of LLM
Is a questionably decent driver from SR.

Also... Chrisuu, I AM OSCAR!!!
Couldn't come up with a decent porno name, so he used Oscar. Now that's a gentlemen.
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Either doesnt get the point of this thread or likes degrading himself.
Probably enjoys pizza as much as I do
Makes assumptions, generalizations, and statements based on a persons nationality. Instead of pizza, why not bring up there awfully structured cities, or there beloved 80's mopeds, or even captain Schettino. You make a mockery of us Americans fujioshi..

p.s I <3 sushi and whales... make it work.
Needs S2 like a fat woman needs an elastic waistband.
And has a very funny name.
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Is taking this thread out of control and likely isn't too far away from being taken to a mental hospital.
Is the most active portuguese in LFS forum
has 69 posts
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About people
(1357 posts, closed, started )