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Thank you
GVRteam UMC 2010 S2: Racing Highlights Videos
S2 licensed
Hello guys, I've put them on another topic too (along with league info) but I figured that here might be a better place for the vids alone.

So, here come some videos I made with racing highlights of our Greek league. I'm listing them in the chronological order I made them (newest first), while I was familiarizing myself with a new video software (still do).

8th race: FOX@KY3 (5th attempt)
Not flawless, but by far the longest video I've ever made (9:24 minutes). Also available in higher quality on MegaUpload (384 Mb).

6th race: FOX@FE3 (4th attempt, overall better I hope)
3rd race: FXR@WE1 (3rd attempt, more progress I hope... music volume too low though )
2nd race: FXR@FE3 (2nd attempt, a bit better I think)
4th race: FXR@KY3 (1st attempt, probs with the sound)

Hopefully I'll keep improving with every new attempt.
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A little update...

5 races have been taken place already, with 3 more left until the end of the league. All races have been broadcasted live with commentary in the Greek language. For most of them we saved the broadcasts and we have prepared short videos with highlights.


1st Race (FXR@AS3)
Recorded Broadcast: (select ON DEMAND->Recorded Broadcasts->UMC 2010 S1, 1st Race)

2nd Race (FXR@FE3)
Recorded Broadcast: (select ON DEMAND->Recorded Broadcasts->UMC 2010 S1, 2nd Race)
Highlights: Vimeo or Youtube

3rd Race (FXR@WE1)

Recorded Broadcast: Vimeo (commentary in Greek)
Highlights: Vimeo (improved version) - Youtube

4th Race (FXR@KY3)
Recorded Broadcast: Vimeo (commentary in Greek)
Highlights: Youtube

5th Race (FOX@AS3)
Recorded Broadcast: JustinTV (commentary in Greek, next week will be moved to Vimeo)
Highlights: Vimeo

Next race (FOX@FE3) is on Wed, 12th of May
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Just purchased nKPro 1.1 three days ago and I've only tried Abarth@Aviano Short! I'm still having a blast with it!

It looks a fantastic hard-core sim, lacking much of non-sim dingle-jingle things though (like inspecting the car status while driving or watching a replay, or a mini map, or a large visual of real-time split-times, online setup sharing, etc).

There is however a pretty decent online Rank System which can motivate people to get online.

I'm currently trying to climb as high as possible in the Abarth@Aviano Short Rank (currently 9th). But since my setup knowledge is incomplete, it seems I'm stuck 1 sec away from the current wr.

So I was wondering if any of you guys are aware of any online resources for nKPro setups, like LFS's Setupgrid or Team Inferno. Or if you care to share a decent setup for the above combo.

All in all, I think nKpro 1.1 has great potential, providing Kunos will take it seriously this time and he'll keep updating it.
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Quote from rockclan :PFFFFFF

Letting Drift infront of a Racing series.

You are always welcome to use our 4TF 4TROXOI Forum - GVR server in order to train for every next race in the OLFSL calendar
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Just letting you guys know that UPS is no longer effective. We needed the server for our new drift section.
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Quote from R.Kolz :So, it´s a league for Greek LFS drivers only, right ?

Mostly yes, I'm afraid. That's why I asked initially if it was OK for me to post about a domestic league here.

It's not that we are chauvinists or anything, on the contrary. It's just that UMCs have always been targeting to the local potential sim-racers, with a dual target: spreading the word about LFS in Greece and hopefully motivate some to stay with us afterwards, in a more "formal" way, willing to follow some more procedures in order to eventually represent us internationally, being regular GVRteam racing-members.

Personally, I'd welcome non-Greek simracers in any of the UMC races, as long as there's room left to be filled up to the 32 available racing slots of the server (which is highly probable, btw). But in the way UMCs are planned & organized, we cannot cover the league in Engish. Everything is set up in the Greek language (sites, forum, broadcast, news, etc).

Another thing I should point out is that UMC's nature is educational. So chances are that most of the participants are inexperienced sim-racers (unless our regular racing-memebrs do not have international races and they also join UMC) and that after every race there will be extended talks in the forums, analyzing incidents, answering questions, pointing new guys to the right direction according to the racing ethics, etc... and all this talk will be in Greek.

Nevertheless, providing there's room in any of the races, I'd be more than happy to see non-Greek people joining... even just for the fun it.
GVRteam UMC S2 2010
S2 licensed
Hello guys, hoping that this section is not restricted to international leagues only, I would like to announce the start of the GVRteam Unofficial Mini Championship S2 2010.

Since 2006, UMCs are traditionally organized by GVRteam twice a year, once with the demo version (autumn) and once with the licensed version of LFS (spring). It's our local, internal "mechanism" of both spreading LFS to Greece and attracting new racing members for our team. UMC Demo spreads the word about LFS, while UMC S2 focus on familiarzing the participants mostly with the international racing ethics and standards.

In its 3rd iteration, UMC S2 2010 consists of 8 races, in 4 tracks, with 2 cars: FXR and FOX. The league starts on Wed, April 7th. Races will take place every Wednesday night (22:30 GMT+2) and will be broadcasted live on GVRteam webTV. For each race, quals last from Thu to Tue on our quals server, where you can do as many laps as you wish, with your most recent best lap recorded automatically. The best 32 laptimes qualify for the race, with the next 10 getting in a waiting list. Skins and setups are provided by GVRteam via our custom-made tool, for anyone wishing to use them (optionally). Tonight the qual server will be opened for the first race (FXR@AS3). Here's the promo video we've prepared for the UMC S2 2010.
The league is of course open, with per-race participation and will be fully covered in the Greek language, on both our portal and the forum.

Live the Thrill & Enjoy!

If I may, I'm repeating the above in Greek (if its against the forum rules, please remove it).

Θέμα: UMC S2 2010 από την GVRteam

Υλικό προώθησης: (βίντεο) ... eonidas360/UMCafisa-1.jpg (αφίσα)

Η Greek Virtual Racing Team πιστή στο ραντεβού της κάθε άνοιξη από το 2008, διοργανώνει για 3η συνεχόμενη χρονιά το Unofficial Mini Championship S2 για το Live For Speed.

Στους αγώνες μπορούν να συμμετάσχουν όλοι οι Έλληνες που διαθέτουν την πλήρη έκδοση του παιχνιδιού (S2). Tα UMC αποτελούν τους θεσμούς που έχει καθιερώσει η GVRteam με στόχο την διασκέδαση αλλά και την εκπαίδευση των νέων οδηγών, με κυριότερο την τήρηση της αγωνιστικής δεοντολογίας, χωρίς καμία περαιτέρω υποχρέωση (δεν είστε υποχρεωμένοι να συνεχίσετε στη GVRteam, ούτε καν να τρέξετε σε όλους τους αγώνες).

Όσοι συμμετάσχουν θα έχουν την δυνατότητα να συνυπάρξουν στην πίστα κι έξω από αυτήν με πολλούς από τους καλύτερους Έλληνες οδηγούς, να μάθουν και να ζήσουν την ένταση!

Οι αγώνες θα γίνονται κάθε Τετάρτη στις 10.30μμ ξεκινώντας στις 7 Απριλίου. Θα είναι οκτώ στο σύνολο και θα γίνουν στις πίστες της Aston, Fern Bay, Westhill και Kyoto. Τα αυτοκίνητα που θα χρησιμοποιηθούν είναι, το FXR (GTR) και η FOX (Formula XR). Setups και Skins θα παρέχονται μέσω του File Manager Tool (η χρήση τους είναι προαιρετική).

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες, κανονισμούς, τρόπο βαθμολογησης, προκριματικά, κλπ θα βρείτε στην σελίδα του αγώνα.

Τέλος θα υπάρχει ζωντανή κάλυψη όλων των αγώνων από την Web TV της GVRteam με σχολιασμό, συνεντεύξεις και νέα από τον κόσμο του sim racing. Έτσι, όσοι δεν έχουν την δυνατότητα να τρέξουν, θα μπορέσουν να ζήσουν από κοντά την μαγεία των εξομοιωτών οδήγησης (δυστυχώς υπάρχει ανώτατο όριο 50 ταυτόχρονων θεατών).

Ζήστε την ένταση και καλή σας διασκέδαση!

GVRteam Portal
GVRteam Forum
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Good season everyone! Nice & interesting changes

In GVRteam we can spare one of our servers for most of the season, for massive training of the every next OLFSL combo. There might be times the server will be down, or used occasionally for our own needs, but most of the time everyone is welcome to use it for training.

Server name: 4TF 4TROXOI Forum - GVR
password: (no password, open to the public) *

* if occasionally the server asks for a password, it will mean that we are currently using it for our own needs, but it's not very likely we'll need it often.

You can also AUTO-CONNECT to the server, by selecting its name form the right-hand column at: (select the tab "4TF" next to the "LFS Online" one).

The server is Airio powered, so you can use commands like !top or !sb to check the best liptimes achieved inside the server, and !tb to check theoretical bests (the best laptimes combined). If you are not familiar with Airio, you can always use !help inside the server

Happy season everyone!
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I changed a couple of links in the above post, since we are moving pages around on our site :P
GVRteam Unofficial Point System (UPS) *** OBSOLETE
S2 licensed
Hello everybody,

I hope this is the correct subforum to post about GVRteam UPS!

Not exactly a league, but we had a spare Airio powered LFS server and we thought we could utilize it somehow for the benefit of the community.

In short, you enter the server at anytime, you race and you get points!

With more words, our GVRteam 500servers #2 is set with track-rotation to all possible combos (track/car) of the Demo content of Live For Speed.

Combos are changing automatically every 3 races, but you can end a race at any time and move on to the next one.

Your accumulated Driving points are those which will rank you amongst other racers. You may check them at anytime from inside the server, by typing: !ptd, but you can also use our customized Airio script at: (the latter gets updated every 15 minutes).

The point system is Airio's default, meaning that for any race for which you complete at least 80% of its length, you get the following points:

Pos Points
---- ------
1st 10 pts
2nd 8 pts
3rd 6 pts
4th 5 pts
5th 4 pts
6th 3 pts
7th 2 pts
8th 1 pt

However, there are also some limitations. If only 4 or 3 racers compete in a race, then the winner gets 8 pts, the runner-up gets 6 pts, etc. If less than 2 racers compete in a race, then the winner gets 6 pts and the runner-up gets 5 pts.

You also get points for top (0.5% from the WR), great (1% from the WR) and good (2% from the WR) laps. Namely, +4 pts for a top lap, +2 pts for a great lap and +1 pt for a good lap.

Additionally, you get +1 pt if you achieve the best laptime of the race.

The server is also set to auto-penalize drivers for bad behavior. Varying, from swearing or spamming the chat, to bad driving (e.g., driving in the wrong direction).

Penalties usually put you in Spectating mode or Kick you out of the server. But they can also Ban you from the server. The thing to know here is that penalties work accumulatively. For example, if you already have 3 Spectates, then your next penalty will be a Kick out of the server. Ultimately you will be banned from the server if you keep behaving badly.

Since this is a demo server (which means it is highly probable it will attract inexperienced racers as well) we have not set it to be too aggressive with penalties. Eveyone deserves a 2nd chance, after all

However, if someone behaves bad and he's not automatically get penalized by the system, we offer the option to Report him to us, via our GVRteam UPS - Bad Driver Report Form. Make sure you provide ALL the requested information, including the URL of the replay file and the minute the incident took place.

In the same page (scroll up) on the right-hand side column. you will find some handy information, including links for watching your current rank (click on "Airio") or seeing what is going on the server without joining it (which you can easily do by clicking on its name ).

The same functionality is also provided on GVRteam's News Page ( or Aim for the tab labeled: "UPS (Demo)" next to "LFS Online", on the top of the sidebar.

Our initial thought was to provide GVRteam UPS for local racers only, but on a second thought we saw no reason for not opening it publicly.

So here it is, enjoy! Your comments good or bad are welcomed. Keep in mind though that we'll keep improving the service as time passes, so your improvement suggestions, ideas, etc could really help us.

Our future plans is to provide UPS for S2 users. We are starting with demo so we can all familiarize with the concept (plus solving possible problems/bugs/etc) before we take the next step.

That's it guys, have fun and keep in touch.
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As others stated above, with the text widget you can do almost everything you wish (providing you have some html and php/js knowledge).

It only works on though (.com automatically filters out any js/php code).

You may take a look at our recently upgraded site, on GVRteam (that's the Greek LFS community, among other things). There are a few widgets running on the top of the right-hand sidebar, they're interactive too (as a side-note, have also a look at our customization of the airio-script, on the FRL tab for example... click on Airio once inside the tab).

However we are not ready to release anything publicly yet, since they need more work to be done on them.

But you get the idea! You don't really need to learn WP's codex API to have your job done. The text-widget is built-in on and you can pretty much dump anything into it
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Please forgive my ignorance, but could some kind soul explain me step by step how am I supposed to use the LFS_sTaTs templates? I'm clueless!

You see I have the attached template file, which I'm supposed to use so that LFS_sTaTs produces a single file according to that template.

Thanks in advance!
S2 licensed
Greek translation for LFS_sTaTs v2.00
Team standings
S2 licensed
Hi Tim,

it's a bit off-topic but I figured I shouldn't open an new topic.

There's a bug in the calculation of the Team points. As you know, this season each team chooses which drivers will represent the team on a per-race basis, by registering them prior to each race (after the quals are over).

However, after 2 races I'm noticing in the Team standings that although race-2 points are correct, race-1 points have been changed. The problem seems to be that after the 2nd race the points of the 1st race have been recalculated taking into account the results of the drivers who had been registered for the 2nd race, and not the ones who had been registered for the 1st race. In other words, there's an automatic overwriting of the previous races going on after each new race.

PS. I hope my English makes sense
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Quote from Breizh :Migf1 - I was involved that way and that's my pov.

Good for you! That's why I used the words "you may had" in my previous post instead of "you would have"
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Quote from Breizh :It doesn't matter. LFS is still in development by Scavier working on it full time. What more would you want?
If people lose interest in the latest version because there hasn't been an update in too long for them, it says nothing of whether they'll be back and enjoy the next update, nor of how good the next update will be.

It depends on the perspective you look at it and/or the level you are involved with it as a user.
If for example you run a community/league/team/service/etc for several years and in the last year or so you see it degrading due to the lack of interest, and at the same time you see that the exact same problem occurs in other communities/leagues/teams/services/etc, without being replaced with newcomers of the same quality and/or without the will for serious involvement, then you may had a different point of view.
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Quote from Scawen :Had a few minutes spare to read some posts here.

Once again I see some people are really getting angry again, and that is a pity.

I have said we are working on things but of course that does not calm some people down. The problem is that we are working on some things that will be released at some point, and some things that may or may not be released (experimental). But experience has taught us to just keep quiet when we are developing things, experimental or not.


That is what we are doing, small steps, LFS goes forward a little bit more each year. It would be really great if we could work 10 times as fast or whatever, but we just have to go on at a sustainable rate, doing this work that we enjoy...


Anyway, once again, we are working on things and expect some good releases this year!

Scawen I hope you don't doubt (like Hallen for example) that we are both on the same side here. Meaning we care about LFS itself and its future. Obviously you care much more than anyone else since it's your "child" & main job.

That being said, I also hope you understand that this gradually increasing & insisting criticism (moaning, whining, whatever) has also something to do with the way the dev team has handled things over the past year or so. It's not highly probable that all this growing fuss comes just from a minority bunch of kids who have nothing better to do than flooding the forums just for the shake of it.
The signs are all there I think. Well established communities, teams, leagues, drivers, etc are increasingly loosing or have already lost interest completely in supporting LFS, without being equally replaced by newcomers (is not that easy to get well established). LFS seems to keep gradually shifting from serious sim racing to mainstream cruising.

I am not entitled to tell you what to do or how to do it. I do hope however that you'll come up with something that will spice up the interest much more frequently, bringing back at the same time the balance towards serious sim racing, instead of cruising.

Personally I'm not that eager for progress reports, announcements, etc. For me it would be fine if more updates (even minor or even through test patches) showed up more frequently... as it used to be (acting is always so much more convincing than words). But as I mentioned above it's not my call, this is something the dev team should figure out, providing they acknowledge that there is indeed something going wrong lately.
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Quote from SamH :Or you could just carry on using S2, since going back to S1 is the same as throwing toys out of the pram, innit?

Alternatively, you could just read Hallen's post in the way that it was posted, rather than trying to seek out some kind of twisted personal attack in there, somewhere, so that you can then take issue with it.

Hallen's points are good, and well made, and you know it. You could be a big guy and say so.

You guys are... amazing!
I know you may find it weird, but beleive it or not I can understand what I read and I am at liberty of choosing my own responds. Dictate someone else please, if you really need to.
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Quote from Hallen :*sigh* You miss the point entirely. LFS is a racing sim. It is not a "lets try out this new track/car" sim. The racing is what makes LFS. Every race is different. Every race can be a challenge. Every race should be fun. You don't need new features to enjoy the racing experience in LFS. It is every bit as good and every bit as challenging as the first day it was released. That's the point.

If that's the point, I guess we should all dump S2 and go back racing S1

Quote :I doubt you (and the others) really care about LFS beating the competition, what you want is new content and you want it now. Don't use your contribution to the community as justification for your right to complain about things you obviously do not want to understand. Your "contribution" means nothing. It is something you did willingly so that you could enjoy the racing more. You can't use that as justification for thinking you should determine what is and what isn't.

First you directly & indirectly call those who have a different POV from yours (including me) deluded, disrespectful, non-appreciative, then you randomly doubt my intentions, you draw my psychograph, you start lecturing me about ninnies and childish behavior and finally you think I'm missing the point. So be it!
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Quote from Hallen :Exactly. LFS is a racing sim. If you think you've gotten everything possible out of the racing experience in LFS, then you're deluded. New content won't help you with that. You'll just want more new content.

Would you please explain me exactly why should I get everything possible out of the racing experience in LFS (before I can be critic about what is not yet possible after almost a decade, you mean I guess). I've got more than 80% of what it offered in the last 3.5 years, am I deluded?

For example, why should I force myself to race ovals? I dislike them! You think it's a good reason to race ovals just because they are there, even if you don't enjoy this type of racing? Or racing caterhams in rallycross for example? Well I don't! I prefer to see implemented (under payment or not) so many other fundamental things (sim-wise) that are NOT there in LFS. Changeable grip on the racing line for example, a decent damage model, dynamic weather, day/night transitions, etc, etc ).

Quote :
Those of us who understand what Scavier is doing, respect their work, and appreciate the challenges that LFS provide, also accept what LFS is.

Since when critisism became synonymous to disrespect, non-apprecation and passiveness?
Well those of us who want to see LFS overcome the competition (as it used to, once upon a time) we have already contributed to the LFS community much more than the average user and we would now love to see it move along (as it used to, once upon a time) instead of standing still or crawling.
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IMO, whoever sees no problem with the... now infamous... ongoing LFS project ("nobody owes anybody anything", "constructive criticism = moaning", "that's how it is, so leave if you don't like it", etc, etc) he just hides his head under the sand. I could bet that the devs never counted on people like you when they're talking about ongoing projects, visions of how a simulator should be, etc, etc.

Most probably they counted (I'm not sure that they do anymore) on people who had the will, the energy and the inspiration to spread, support and keep alive their ...ongoing... project through organized activities/media/communities. In other words, on people who really care mostly for LFS itself instead of who's writing better in English.

PS. Chunkyracer, excellent post!
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Sad news, although I totally understand the reasons behind it. Many well established LFS teams (mine included) have already or are currently struggling to keep their drivers motivated. The LFS scene for the last year or so is definitely going downhill, so this comes as no surprise. More to follow I'm affraid.

Anyway, many thanks for all the great moments you guys provided to the whole community and congratulation for the high standards you have set those 5 years. I sincerely wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do from now on.

Who knows, we may all meet again sometime on a similar, yet freshier, setup (rfactor-2 for example )
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Quote from Ball Bearing Turbo :
However, looking back, I realize that it's really not that big of a deal.

It is surely not! That's why personally I avoid bitching or even posting frequently about it (or any other matter).

Nevertheless, in a sim forum it's only natural for people to talk and/or care about the specific sim, even bitching about it... no matter how important role it plays in their life
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Quote from Ball Bearing Turbo :
Everyone wants that first romance again - but you'll never, ever have it no matter what they release. LFS was my main source of entertainment as well, and the nostalgia about it is great. But as with anything in life, you can't stay in one place forever

Especially when this place stays still, while everything else around it evolves
Actually LFS was not my first romance, Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix 2 was, back in mid 90s. This is not about first romance for me, it's about loosing hope and honestly worrying for the future of a sim I really got involved with, since the whole thing around it inspired me to do so back then

I happen to be one of those who created, organized, administrated, promoted, managed and maintained the LFS Greek community through GVR team in the last 4 years. The important thing here is that during the last year or so I was pretty much left struggling alone with the LFS organizing/maintaining/administrating part of the community, while the LFS racing part of the community not only keeps loosing old timers but it also suffers from gradually lower numbers of new people joining in. Fortunately all those years we managed to attract a lot of guys in the community, so it can run in almost "auto pilot mode" for some time. Sadly though, without hope, progress and feedback to spice up users' interest, chances are that things will go even more downhill.

So I like to believe I know first hand what I'm talking about.

Quote :Fair enough, but the problem is that they haven't asked us for anything.

Yes they have! Through their working and business model they have directly or indirectly asked us to help them achieve their vision and to spread the word. In other words, they want(ed) us to share and be part of their vision. They want(ed) us to share with them their 2-parties (devs and users) philosophy of doing things. Unless I'm living on another planet in the last 4 years or so, Scavier never intended their vision to be another cold, soul-less, strict business product. They seek(ed), even invested on a cozy, interactive environment, inspiring both the devs and the users to be able to give & take, based more on human feelings instead of common business/advertising rules and methods of doing things.

Devs delivered more than they promised, but also users delivered more than expected. Both being naturally compromised now and then.

So, the point of view I developed above hopefully also answers the rest of your comments regarding my previous post.

To sum it up in a line, when something is built on mutual inspiration for a project, it's at the very least awkward for either party to completely forget about this fundamental basis when things get a bit rough
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