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#1 - NickC
Worm no longer record holder.
Congratulations arrowkart4!

Good job
#5 - Mysho
Gratz Andy
Im gonna beat this time, sooner or later - maybe in my next life = fail.
Still the same number...
Myea, ill try to beat that. not ... = fail ... again
If i would be you, i wouldnt take that chart so seriously
Some of the guys already know why, rest of the peoples can think themself.
But congratz anyway Some of those arrowkart4 records i cant just accept.. IMO
Is it really necessary to open a new topic for this? Send him a PM, or dunno.
If anyone could PM him, hes S2 could blow up into S1.

Anyways, the topic isnt that bad. We can spam here.

Spam ... saw?
#13 - AMB
Congratz arrow.
i like the topic, it's a great achievement!

btw, tomson. I dont know? tell mee ?
Agree with Tomson, its over-rated. Thats why i can't get a WR
Uh yay. Having a WR means you are awesome in every way.
#18 - AMB
Hmm Tomba probably means some of his WR's might be rushed which means not as fast as they could be?

i'm sure he could beat them anyway, and nope WR's don't mean everything but it's nice to get one
haha can't believe some of the reactions.

Isnt racing partly about being the fastest? And he is showing he can be really fast over 1 lap. And IMO thats cool

He is doing a great job by getting so much WR's . I think its topic worthy
Quote from AMB :Hmm Tomba probably means some of his WR's might be rushed which means not as fast as they could be?

#21 - AMB
No longer... Worm is Gold Medallist right now :P level on 43 though.
Any detectives here feel like finding which records arrowkart4 recently took and who from, to promote himself the top?

LFSworld shows 43 / 43 for both 1st and 2nd place. Is this dictated by handicap? As i notce arrowkart4 has an advantage there.
#24 - chaa
I think there are much more fast drivers who don't hotlap, because they think it's unimportant. You have to show your performance in online qualifying and online races, so I think it's over-rated, too...
Hmm, maybe I should upload some of my wr's that I kept on my hard drive... then I think Andy would be back in the low 30's, and Worm in the mid 30's or so
Never the less, awesome job Andy. I never had the patience to become #1 in the hotlap rank, and most of your times are respectable

Worm no longer record holder.
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