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This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
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To download

Original Version ... d/lfsstat/
In the rar you can find source of this prog.

JackCY Moded Version 2.0
Version 2.0 Topic
Bin ... sTaTs/LFS_sTaTs_v2.00.rar
Sources ... s/LFS_sTaTs_v2.00_src.rar

v2.00 - DONE:
* Nickname colors - fixed
* Nickname 2 HTML - fixed
* Chat 2 HTML - fixed
* Some minor renaming of templates and generated files
* Changed templates (hope old templates will still work), more space saving, added link to Chat
* When exporting on STAte changed (leave, exit) added option to CFG yes/no/ask to decide if export.
* When exporting on Race STart (race [re]started, mpr [re]starts from begining) added option to CFG yes/no/ask to decide if export.
* Question for name of stats instead of generated time, for STA and RST separatedly
* Globals in templates now work for chat to.
* Chat template and language files updated.
* StartOrder Nickname link to LFSW - fixed
* Dns.Resolve() changed to Dns.GetHostEntry()
* integrate Graph.exe (got original src files for v1.20 )
** integrated as .DLL
** fixed .TSV path
** added option to LFSStat.CFG, generate automatically YES/NO
* fix some tables in templates, no white backround
* update Console.WriteLine() stuff (names, emails, ...)

Yama's template
Preview 1
Preview 2
Preview 3


Special thank's

Big thanks to MonkOnHotTinRoof, because he release his source of Lapper and i can use and modify a part of MonkOnHotTinRoof ' sources for writing LFSStat. You can find LFSLapper HERE


How to use

Original version use also graph.exe of older version for the graph and generate a csv, tsv et html file for now.
You'll have to modify LFSStat.cfg to adapt the configuration for your UDP port and admin password.
you can find graph.exe in the old topic :

make a bug report with the mpr if it's possible ( little mpr please )

All prog by Gai-Luron

LFSRelax :
LFSLapper :
LFSStat :

Good job Gai-Luron, I try it in few hours
Hi Gai-Luron,

I get an error when trying to unzip the download, it is not working for me.
Any ideas what is causing this?

Also I need to ask is your new stats compatible with the new insim version (v4.0?) used in the test patches & the soon to be released patch X?
I ask this, as you state your new stats uses UDP which I assume uses the new insim version via it's UDP connectivity.
Thanks for your great work and I look forward to giving it a test once I can get it downloaded.

EDIT: Link now works, thanks!

I updte the archive because it was corrupted.

Yes it's for insim 4 and the new patch X


PS: Soon LFSLapper updated for insim4 and patch X
Hello! It's great to hear about your work with LFS stats for insim 4
But it has some bugs - it crashes every time while i start the qualify, and race result file has some problems with "Top Speed" and "Lap Time Stability" options (race results attached). But i think you know about this problems Oh, i test it with W26 patch (if it is necessary)

PS I'm so sorry for my English
You're right. it did not work with qualifs, lap time stability ( i don't search for now how it's work ), and best Speed. I put TODO list in the firts POST.

This version it's entirely a new developpement and i work on it since 10 days when i have time.

Thank's for your reply.

This release it's just for test

I have the results of Kombat
That normal....he's a demo racer
Hello racer,

New version of lfsstat 0.3 add:
- Top Speed
- Lap Time Stability
- Combined best lap time
- Language support in directory : lang

This version use a modified template for supporting language file.

To dowload go to the first message on topic

Great Job
Like I say you on MSN : it's a good job.

Good luck for the future.
Hi! Thanks for your work

The first thing I noticed was that the names are all black in the results. Replay was of V17
Attached images
Hello Racers,

The new version of LFSStat is 0.4.

News in this version:

- colour on nickname
- Lap By Lap file generated.
- Display weather, wind, server and duration of the race

I put in this release the entire code of this programm. You can find it in the src directory and you need microsoft C# to use.

You can find binary in /bin directory

I stop dev this programm for a while because i'll have to modify LFSLapper for the new version of insim ( four ) released in a few days on patch X.


i get an "out of array"something message when using this program. it works perfect but in the middle of the race it just quits with a msg in the black window. it is a 130 laps race with about 20 drivers in it. i can send you the screenshot of that msg.
Attached images

I fix this problem when i go to my home. This problem occurs when a player change his nickname.


PS: Can you put the replay on a download server for test? Thank's
#16 - Davo
Great to see development of this continued. Thank you sooo much Gai-Luron, and a thanks to Monk too.

Version 0.41 is avaiable.

Fix bug ( Fischfix and braxel )
- Change name of racer
- Fix bug when a player end race and leave race before result displayed


PS thank's for replay
cheers, i will try it out tomorrow! keep up the good work!

No problem for the bug and thank's for this report.

For LapTime Stability, i think my method of calculation is wrong. If someone tell me how it worked in old prog.

For the speed, i look but i think the pilot do a donut's after race. i fix it tonigth

For the link, i get the template of the old LFSStat without changing this

I fix all tonigth

Hi Gai-Luron,

Good Job, I think you will save life of Team organizer.

Do you plan to make it open to allow, online-monitoring?
As LFS Stats "Tracker"?


New version 0.42

Fix bug
- Max speed after finish race
- New calc for LapTime Stability
- Correct link of thread in template



LFS stats is born again
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