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LFS stats is born again
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Is it possibile to use a custom .tpl file? If not, will it ever be?

I'm asking it just beacause it would simplify the life of a SLS administrator...With that system you can administer a championship just putting in some report data: they created a custom template file (called sls.tpl) to have all the needed data. You can do everything also joining together the .csv and .tsv files and adding some lines, but it would be very useful to be able to a custom template file.

I even found difficult to get around the problem with a classic trick: I assumed lfs-stats goes straight reading the tsv.tpl file. So I changed the name of the sls.tpl in tsv.tpl, but lfs-stats still generates the .tsv file with the same parameters!

So it seems to me that various templates are built-in in the exe file: but the .exe itself needs the template files in the right path (tried to move them and I got obviously an error).

The template I (we?) need is attached to this post.

Great work Gai, thanks a lot for this amazing utility.
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It's not possible to do that at this time. You can only modify a file for visual effect or to remove certain item.

But you have the two file. you have all information. with a little application, you can do that

Ok I'll re-try again, but didn't work the first time...maybe I've done somthing wrong.

As stated before by someone, when a player leaves the server before the end of the race, results are strange.

Tonight, one of our driver volountarly left the game during a pit-stop at lap 10, but he doesn't have any lap in the report. Another player has been disconnected at lap 2, and he correctly is reported to have completed one lap. Really don't know what the problem would be.

But when a player re-join it is normal that he starts from lap 1, isn't it?

When a player is rejoins, it's normal.

For the rest of PB, a mpr it's so better for debug.

Here we are: ... /replay/SLFS07-4-race.rar
The player who quits the race at lap 10 is Norman Vauxhall.

I've also edited one of the template, the race.csv. In fact, I simply can't obtain perfectly what I was looking for, but at least I've been able to change the order between playername and username variables.

I can't add a fixed string at the top of the template (as in the file I attached before) and custom strings in the middle are ignored, but it's all right.

In the tsv template, I would like to obtain a list of the drivers based on their username instead of the playername: it seems to be hard-coded, so no chance to edit this. But if you have a workaround for this too, it would be useful (but don't bother too much, I still can change this by hand ).
I'd also like to see usernames instead of playernames in .tsv file for our future system, because usernames are always unique and playernames people don't always write the same way. Perhaps an option to create two .tsv files, one for generating graphs with playernames, and another for further processing on websites with usernames would be best.
Hi Gai-Luron,

I have an improvement suggestion, although it is a little specific.
After recently competing in a league race that had a rolling start it become apparent that the parade lap which was completed very slowly had an effect on how the stats data came out. As the parade lap was counted as lap 1 of the race it meant that stats like lap time stability, 1st lap time & yellow flags shown were a little misleading.

Anyway my suggestion is whether there could be a feature within LFSStats that could be switched on/off to account for lap 1 parade laps for rolling start races so that the stats for lap 1 are disregarded (lap time, splits, yellow flags etc) but the lap still counts as a completed race lap in the overall stats output?
I guess it could be similar to the qual option you developed
Quote :- In qualification ignore Lap where time is under best lap + X% in cfg file.
( PB when player stay in pit or don't move on track for avg time and lap stability )
ex: maxTimeQualIgnore = 10
ignore lap where time is over than Bestlap + 10%
- Lap counted in qualification are lap under best lap + X%

Interested in your thoughts on it?

I put your request on TODO. But, for now, i dev Lapper.

Please wait

Quote from Gai-Luron :Hello,

I put your request on TODO. But, for now, i dev Lapper.

Please wait


Thanks Gai-Luron, I look forward to when you next update LFSStats.
Thanks for that !!! Great Job !!!

I have one suggestion....

will be possible to include tyre type in the results of statistics ???. Inicial Tyre and changes if they are on pit stops.

Thanks and excuse my english... it's poor than me driving .
What i do to change the language from french to english !!!

forgered !! i solve the language i see the LFSStats.cgf

I was so confused becose they are 2 LFSStats.cfg files, one in the folder of bin, and another (just like the LFSLapper.cfg file) in the folder cfg.

That is a mistake? please check the pic below
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Here the translation to spanish, traduced by me
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i clean the bad cfg file and i add the spanish translation in 0.62 version

Can you add reaction times at green light into the exported stats file?
server is not found for new Lapper 0.62

well, this is another translate to spanish corrected (without accents) by Nelson Vergara & Me (:razz from Automovilismo Virtual (LFS México) they have some fixes
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Quote from NeoArnold :server is not found for new Lapper 0.62

well, this is another translate to spanish corrected (without accents) by Nelson Vergara & Me (:razz from Automovilismo Virtual (LFS México) they have some fixes

I think your translation didn't have accents, the accents by my other file are "ó"..
Hi Gai-Luron,

I keep getting this error on this particular replay file.
I have tried using both LFSStats v0.61 & 0.62 but both give same error.
Other replays still work fine, have you any idea why this is happening?
Appreciate your help with it please

Replay is here (~6mb): http://www.mondaynightracing.c ... Round6_DIVA/fxr-r6-a1.mpr

EDIT: It had also been noticed that tyre changes aren't being captured in the pitstop data/table. Not sure if it is a bug but would be nice to have.
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Portuguese Translation
Hi again Gai Luron

Let me thank you again for the rebirth of the LFS Stats

I've been using it a lot and without problems, except for one small thing.
I'm using LFSStats 0.61 and in the prompt if you use the control+c command to unplug Stats and hit N and enter, it will close
Besides that, i don't have the knowledge to push more from it

I would've tested this translation to really see if it looks good, if i only knew how.
Being naife concerning this, i tried to change this parament as shown.
Lang = portuguese
But it didn't work and i can't even imagine why, but must be simple and logic, explain me how to check it or just include this and i'll test it ok?


Edit: Removed TXT, final update below.
Hello Racers,

First sorry for this long "blackout" for LFSStat.

In fact, i do many modification and improvement in LFSLapper. I put some modification of LFSLapper in LFSStat ( like WR ) and i hope you love it!

Quote :Changes
0.6 --> 0.7
1. Add identification for connecting on PubStat and retreive WR
. Identification for connect to PubStat : To obtain PubStatIdk go to, select My LFSW Setting and select tab Pubstat Access
The better way is obtain an idk, send login and pass on net it's not safe
PubStatIdk =
PubStatLogin =
PubStatPass =

2. Intercept special key to close properly insim connection
. CtrlC, CtrlClose, CtrlBreak, CtrlLogoff, CtrlShutdown

3. Fix Bug when player go spectate after end of race and join again

4. Display Diff between player time and wr time

Thank's to all for the bug report.

For the lang you change only lang in config file with your language and the next stat are in your lang. I try your language file and it's work fine, thank's i put your file in the next release


Thankyou Gai-Luron.
Previous bug now gone, so working with that replay.
Also great work with getting the WR comparison data functional, is a great feature but shows me how slow I really are.
I was wondering if there are any plans to have the flags & penalty data captured in the race results table? (currently blank cells).
Oh and the previous mentioned addition of tyre change data in the pit-stop table (sorry for raising it again).
Hello racers,

LFSStat 0.8 released. Little add

Quote :
0.7 --> 0.8
1. Display Flags of Player

2. Add html chat of race or qual

3. Add portoguese.txt by indie


PS: flinty72 you have end penality displayed normally in html, for tyres, next release
LFSStat 0.8 -> doesn't work, first I get an error and then it shuts down.
Quote from Gai-Luron :PS: flinty72 you have end penality displayed normally in html, for tyres, next release

Thanks Gai-Luron, I look forward to the next release with tyre data.
I am not to sure what you mean by "end penalty displayed", could you explain it a little more?
Keep up the great work with LFSStats & LFSLapper.
I am also going to try your LFSTSView program

LFS stats is born again
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