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serveur just a ride
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serveur just a ride
bonjour je jouer sur le serveur Just a Ride et je me suis fais déconnecter puis maintenant quand j'essaie de me connecter sa me marque connexion refuser j'aimerais savoir pourquoi si je me suis fais bane ou je peux voir sa et pour combien de temps merci d'avance bonne journée

Normally when the host says: 'Connection refused', means you got banned for some reason. if it is a Voteban, the ban should last for 24 hours.
Hi, I was told you were banned for reckless driving. Your ban expires in 2 days.
Je excuses pour se la merci de votre réponse et j'aimerais savoir où je peux voir ça
Hello. Unfortunately I got banned 2 days ago at "Just a ride" server. I was caoused an accident and got ban. I'll be appreciate if Admin could cancel my ban Smile
Thanks in advance
The admins on "Just a Ride" are actually fair and give people chances before making a decision. I've seen it many times where they give multiple chances before banning someone with the person usually replying "does it look like I care?". They are some of the best admins I've seen across many games and servers. If you get banned from here you are likely doing something a few times or repeatedly that is not tolerated. Don't be annoying or reckless and you'll be just fine for the future.
i got banned without any warning if anyone can check how many days i got banned
I got banned for like a month ago, i wanna go back. Can the admin unban me pls? Taped Shut Taped Shut Taped Shut
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The server is good
If you get banned, you REALLY messed up, :-) I didn't even get banned...(yet)
(yet) Smile
I left my girlfriend playing while I was working and I think she caused an accident, could you tell me how long will I be banned?
Hello, your ban expires tomorrow at 22:52 (that's CET I believe).
Hey i've been banned because i let my friend drive will i was watching a movie and him been the dumbass he is he cause a big wreck in a cruise.Could I be unbanned please ?I can assure you he wont be playing ever again.Thanks!
Hi, sorry but no, everyone could use such excuse. Your ban expires on 24th of March.
If you let someone play on your account you deserve another ban on top of the one you are now complaining about. That's my two cents worth.
Can someone tell me for how long am I banned please ?
hi a few days ago i got banned from just a ride server. when will my ban be removed?
Quote from QRAQADIL :hi a few days ago i got banned from just a ride server. when will my ban be removed?

I was simply banned for no reason, I was on a cruise taking all possible care and out of nowhere I was banned, could you assess my situation?
Hi i got banned from Just A Ride server, but i was just passing the convoy. Maybe Admins thought that i was going to crash into someone, but i had no reason to do it. I think admins made a mistake giving me ban, so can i get unban ? pls Smile)
Passing in convoy without any obvious reasons ( such as crash ahead, or people taking brb for example ) is not tolerated...

you need to take it as complete different route safely.
but that's not what happened to me, the convoy got into a race track, i just passed 2 cars that were too slow and i got banned
I have to say, some racing action like 12 hours ago from this post... that was epic! it was so epic I made some investigations and further testings

Turns out Beta-65 car is slightly faster compared to Microchel, although top speed goes to latter one.

XFG + XRG may also be good counterparts, but I guess no one wants to use those because... well.. mods

Not sure about other cars, I was told Swirl Sport is also good candidate.

EDIT: FAIK Topo and MZD NA also works somewhat ok, they lack power, but they have ROAD_SUPER tires though.
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serveur just a ride
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