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Quote from turbofan :it's not incoherent, but rather that u dont understand.
Each time u write here, u write bullshit, because u dont understand.
You are only noise.

Luckily for me the 2 other troll kings of the forum are in forced vacations. Phew.
"Just one left, Gromit !" (Wallace & Gromit and the Wererabbit)

Quote from turbofan :it's not incoherent, but rather that u dont understand...

well, i understand the words you're saying, they just don't make much sense together.

Anyway, no point in getting into petty forum slapfights, so keep thinking whatever it is you're thinking and have a nice day Smile
All right, too many reported posts now, I don't see the purpose of this thread any more. Words are going too far.

Was the main purpose of this thread, so people had somewhere to complain about their bans from Just a Ride?

When possible, could Just a Ride admins make it clear to people why they are banned? Could there be warnings before the ban? Is there a message asking the user to behave, when they join? Could they be shown a message that this server is not controlled by the LFS developers?

These suggestions are because I fear a new thread will come up in its place. I don't think that what happens on one server should affect LFS in a negative way or distract us from development, or be the main thread that is in the face of every user who visits our forum. I don't lay blame, I understand the need for bans.

Please try to find ways to avoid the need for so many people to complain.

End of thread.

serveur just a ride
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serveur just a ride
(353 posts, closed, started )