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It's been quiet for some time, so here are some of the dashes (with new features thx, to
) to be expected for next update (with imperial units versions):


FXO S4-C6 (2008)

XFG type EK yes it's old...

RB4 1988 Alcyone-XT

FZR '05 F430-Challenge Motec

Warning:not compatible with current Lazy public release (v.22).
Quote from arion31 :Ran into a problem . I didn't touch nothing. i restarted my computer and then i try to run it again and it didn't show any of my friends ,they locations, or any hosts servers . Also 3 other people said only thing they see is 0 on lfsw stats. and dont see the country anyone is from and no hosts data.

From what can I see it looks like a temporary issue with LFSW. Probably you also saw message something like "invalid gzip", this happens from time to time. Only thing I can do is improve detection of invalid data and not parse it. For LFSW stats, it should be back to normal after next stats update (if LFSW is fine) or you can force update by right clicking username.
Quote from 1303s_vortech :It's been quiet for some time, so here are some of the dashes (with new features thx, to
) to be expected for next update (with imperial units versions):

Awesome work as always!

Some of new stuff in dash:
Text - digital turbo, split time, date, range distance
Linear gauges - speedo, rpm, fuel, turbo
Gauges - temperature, oil temperature
Analog clock
Download Please Dashboard!
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Hi Daniel, I have a feature suggestion for LFSLazy. How about an .mpr autosave feature which saves the .mpr only if certain conditions are met?For example: if pb, if lap is better than WR+0.5%, if you raced(or ur har driv will be full of shizz if ur spectatoring lol D: ).
You can also add custom name... for example show in the .mpr name the best lap you did along with the best split/sector times, maybe even the lap when it was done. You get the idea?
Most of the .mpr's I save have the best lap I did in their names. So, I believe it would be a nice feature for us lazy racers to have to laze more and have not to go through the ass pain it takes to name them. Sometimes I lose good replays because I don't have enough time to save the replay, I save the next race instead, so this means I actually lose 2 good replays.
That is very lazy suggestion Big grin
I imagine it looks simple from your point, however there are certain problems with how LFS record replays. For example once replay is saved you cannot any longer save it. Other question is when it should be saved? I guess if you do a PB on 2nd lap out of 5, you still would like to have whole race in replay. And what if race suddenly restarts? Many, many questions and problems...
Though I understand you, many of us want replays of special moments and I found out that MPR autosave causes least trouble for me. It will simply always save MPR independently of its content and if its the special one later I usually append short description to its name.
I don't know how skilled you are Big grin.
If you can somehow detect if a race is restarting (you can try to count votes of people for ''sudden restart'' but dunno about insim restart lol? and restart detection should not be like ''race is starting'' notification which probably looks at timer) then this problem will likely be solved. Because you can program it to save mpr just when restart is detected and every mpr would contain the whole race just like the built-in autosave. And for naming, you may not need to go very deep in details, maybe just like Hotlaps, for example BL1_XRG_13285_4... I think it can work, but it will be very buggy at the beggining Big grin.
EDIT: i just reminded that insim restart is admin/host restart...
I don't want to bother with restart issues and such ... Big grin
Though your suggestion intrigued me, perhaps I could append a description. When I think a little more, lap time shouldn't be the only criterion. Sometimes I'd like to save replay if some heavy crash occur, or if a buddie do a good lap (hey, world is not all about you) and so on...

Infact how many people would use such a feature? I have feeling that it would be yet another piled up feature which only few people would use, right? I often get question on pm or server about basic stuff in LFSLazy from people who I thought have already mastered LFSLazy.
Quote from DANIEL-CRO :I often get question on pm or server about basic stuff in LFSLazy from people who I thought have already mastered LFSLazy.

Because people are lazy to find out.
I have another 'lazy' suggestion based on previous discussion

Sometimes something good/interesting happens in the race and I want to save mpr when the race ends, but in the finish I ofcourse forget to save it...
So why not to add a reminder feature.

example: I have some nice battle midrace and want to save it later, I hit the scroll button - scroll to reminder - choose one of availaible descriptions (battle/crash/flight/PB/etc) - confirm. And once you cross the finish line, LFSlazy tells you to save mpr with the reason you've chosen earlier.
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Quote from 1303s_vortech :To anyone who would like to PM for download links:

Quote :They will get released as soon as Lazy get updated.

Didn't see that, kristof11?? Smile
Submitted a new update (23) Big grin

I've had a lot of mph guys complining how dashboard does not support mph, so I decided to make a separate backgroundmph.jpg which is used in case mph is selected in LFS. All new dashboards also include mph versions! Big grin To update dashboards delete old folders in LFSLazy\Gauges\ ...

Great thanks goes to 1303s_vortech!
He is the one that created all these dashboards which now we can enjoy Smile

Quote :BUILD 23 (Jan 25 2015)
Dashboard - digital turbo, split time, date text, trip distance, linear gauges, analog clock, support for MPH!
Dashboards - XFG, RB4, FXO, XRT, RAC, FZ5 (MPH; new by 1303s_vortech) - delete old folders with car name and new ones will be created
Messages sounds are off by default
Hello message could be wrong in case of non-ASCII chars
More checks when invalid data is downloaded (bad gateway, ...)
Radar - no more Normal and Small, but scaling factor
Favourite servers - expandable on click
Other tiny fixes

Those linear indicators are just great! I already tried RPM indicator. I still don't understand them completely... Like how exactly setting min and max % work... What do 0 and 100% mean? If I have 0 then I get like 3 divisions lighten up when idling.

Just have to spend some time until I can find out how to something useful for perfect shift ups. Also this shift up indicator is great Thumbs up
Min and Max define a range where gauge is "active". As such you should never use a value of 0 for Max.

Here is a copy of pm where I explained linear gauges to vortech :
Quote :Texture are called speedolin.png rpmlin.png fuellin.png turbolin.png
All are in 256x256 pixels.

As usual there are X and Y coordinates, that is simply position where top left corner of texture will be drawn.

Next you have to set minimal/maximum values. For RPM I use min 70% and max 100% which means that gauge will move linearly only when my rpm is within that range. (70% and 100% of maximal rpm/speed/...)

To achieve gauge effect I infact crop texture with top left corner as a reference. Changing LenX and LenY you can affect where it is actually croped.
For example in RPM I use LenX=256 and LenY=0, that means that 256 pixel from left equals to 100% of gauge. LenY is set to 0, because I don't want it to crop my texture by Y axis.
Note how fuel gauge use LenY rather than LenX, because cropping is done by Y axis. Infact it use negative value because I want it to go up as my value increases. Positive value would mean down.
And finally you can divide that gauge, for example setting Div=2, will make show only values of 0%, 50% and 100%. That can be usefull for example in case of rpm gauge, although you'd probably use values like ~15 there.

To summarize in motion:

FZR '05 F430-Challenge Motec


FXO-S4 will be also slightly updated.

Quote from Lazy's dashboards corner :

*-When setting speedo needle:
Max value: Set max angle to indicate 100 km/h. It's fitted.
Minimum value: If you want the needle to not move until a defined speed, min.speed divided by 100.
ex: speedo min. value is 10 kph, set it to 0.1 (10/100).

*-When setting RPM needle:
Max value equals to maximum RPM of car (revs on limiter)
Minimum value: like speedo you can set a min. value until the needle starts moving, min. divided by the max value.
ex:min. is 1000 rpm, max 7500 use 0.133 (1000/7500).

*-Linear gauges could be also used for backgrounds to appears only when engine is ON.
If you take a look at f430-motec, you'll quickly get how to do. (min value:-0 | LENY-X:size of it in pixels )

FO8 No Wheel version.

FO8 With wheel version.

My first ever LFSLazy dashboard

If you drive without enabled wheel, choose no_wheel version. If you happen to drive with wheel sometimes, use with_wheel version (it works okay in both situations, also sometimes you enable wheel to spectate someone, so this variant is more universal).
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Same stuff for BF1. Only TC led added

Attached files - 21.4 KB - 493 views
Dashboards look great and the customization options are INSANE!
Thanks guys, very good job Smile
XRR & UFR gauges
I'll also add my first gauges - I made some for XRR/UFR.

Installation: Copy the "XRR" folder into LFSLazy/Gauges.

Screenshots were taken with Keiichi's custom car shaders, so the dashboard is lit by sunlight in the second screenshot.

Attached images
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Quote from Flame CZE :I'll also add my first gauges - I made some for XRR.

Nice gears/speed font. Might rip for BF1 if you don't mind Smile
Quote from Flame CZE :I'll also add my first gauges - I made some for XRR/UFR.

Installation: Copy the "XRR" folder into LFSLazy/Gauges.

Screenshots were taken with Keiichi's custom car shaders, so the dashboard is lit by sunlight in the second screenshot.

Added UFR (same gauge).
Glad to see that dash making has finally picked up pace.
Nice work Smile
Quote from :
Quote from DANIEL-CRO :Well, quite some people know this for years and previously as there was no fuel info it was easy to cheat fuel. I've got permission on that feature.

Permission from who? How do you retrieve all fuel data from all drivers?

Do I get it right that LFSLazy can read LFS memory space and extract remaining fuel of anyone on track on a server?
Yeah nice cheat... :/

Setups... kaput (you can export setups from SPR, MPR and also get them live by being on a server)
Fuel... kaput (read LFS memory space?)

Scawen should really update LFS...


DANIEL looks like a nice work, might check the dash and setup filtering, not sure how useful is the rest for me but others probably find it useful. All the insim virtual dash pieces and other distracting thingies.

Graphical hooks to draw stuff, I think that's fine, lots of programs do that, video/screenshot recorders, steam, GPU utilities, ...
Though for me, any tempering with process memory space of a game is categorized as cheating :|
You might as well make a NOS button or god mode, same thing as reading fuel of other players from LFS memory space.
Dawen haxor :o
Incoming soon:

FXR - Défi Cluster N-9000 / N-10000 / N-11000 Mod.3 (& A-M Cobalt)

Still need some tweaks.

This one will feature 9000/10000/11000 rpm background(s)*...(2.5-3.0 bars boost gauges also planned for 10K and 11K vers.)

*: Tweak users friendly.

UF1 EK (yes... again)*Updated*


UF1-X57/Mk1 Clio v2.0 ...with editable background color*


FXO S4-C6 (2008)*Updated*


*: with the backrougnd R G B values into in-game dash editor.

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