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Formula 1 Season 2013
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57 laps on medium anyone?
what is high degradation and how do i do it?
Interestingly, Vergne gets one good result and instantly Helmut Marko and the whole press hails him as the next star..

I took some stats out and Ricciardo beat him 15:5 in quali and 13:7 in races last year. This year Ricciardo is leading him 4:3 in quali, but now loosing 3:4 in races, so it's first time ever Vergne is leading something. This battle is finally developing.
Quote from N I K I :So yeah, Vettel/RedBull cries about Pirelli tire after what's about the most abrasive race of the year for tires only to pretty much lap majority of the grid now in Montreal with plenty of race still to go.

Thank God Pirelli is sticking with the tire that was introduced at the start of the year and that rules protect this from changing.

Silverstone is gonna be hell of a lot more interesting when Ferrari fights back.

P.S. This early braking by Merc might have been because of the tire saving after-all. Lift at 120, coast to 80 then brake instead of at 100. I heard Hamilton talking about that somewhere few days ago.

Montreal is one of the LEAST abrasive tracks !!! WTH are you talking about ??

The previous years everyone had trouble with the tires because of rear graining. This happens when you slide too much while being unable to build energy from the inner carcass of the tire. It happens mostly on cold and/or non-abrasive and/or slippery tarmac. The only reason the tires lasted that long this weekend is because they were able to avoid most of the graining. Maybe for the first GP of the year the tires were almost operated in their normal window at an ok pace.

Pat Fry : In fact, we had a few problems in getting the tyres up to temperature and on top of that the track surface here is less
abrasive and so it’s even harder to get the right feeling from the tyres.

Mike Coughlan : The track roughness is the lowest of the season and coupled with low tyre energy this can lead to a high tendency towards tyre graining.

Pirelli : Canada is one of the most challenging circuits for the rear tyres due to high traction demands– particularly after it has rained previously in the weekend, because the moisture has the effect of washing away all the rubber that has been laid down before, which decreases grip levels further. Despite that, wear and degradation was under control for all the frontrunners and there was little of the graining that is a common feature of this race as well.

Early braking is the most effective way to save tires. Everyone is braking relatively early, not just Mercedes.
Phil, I'm quite sure you misread 1st sentence. Re-read it again.
Quote from vipex123 :what is high degradation and how do i do it?

Quote :Phil, I'm quite sure you misread 1st sentence. Re-read it again.

Yup. Badly misread that. Sorry.
I've never seen Lotus criticize anyone about anything (don't even recall them criticizing Grosjean after everything he did, nor any of their competitors) and the first time they're doing it they might just have a point when they point out how Pirelli is starting to change the game in favor of those who whined.

"This is exactly what they did in the last few races of last year. They brought harder and harder tyres and we just ended up doing one stop."
That was exactly what was happening last year and Vettel was then winning more and more. Let me remind you, this year Vettel was the first one to cry about the Pirelli tire!

"And last year they said they didn't want to interfere in the championship so they took conservative tyres, but I never really understood what that meant."

Personally, yea like hell they didn't interfere. They interfered more and more to side with RedBull. Keep the game fair from start to finish or we might as well bring back Birdgestone.

Read the full article here:

Bottom line, Pirelli should butt out already. It's not their job to favor ones above others. Their job is to make drivers stop twice in pits on non-abrasive tracks and three time on abrasive tracks for new rubber and that should have been clear a long time ago.
interesting... dotted marks on suggesting traction control, wouldn't suprise me.. the RB is just too insanely quick to be on the same level as the other cars.
Poor Italians - if you can't beat them, blame them for cheating.
Terrible traction control if it leaves black marks on the track. More than likely it's tyre wind up on a bumpy track with too much right foot.
Wheel hopping/Rev limiter.. Chill out guys.
#513 - CSF
lol, TC with a standard electronics system. Thinks not.
Trivializing inevitability.

Having cancer (which need I remind you, we all have in our system anyway) doesn't mean your resigned to dying, so hold out hope for the guy and stop being defeatist.
To be honest, I'm not sad for him because he has cancer, they caught it early and it is very treatable. In cancer's case, half the hurt is in the chemotherapy which is not nice at all (having had someone close in the family who's had to go through that) so I wish him all the best of luck that it can work swiftly first time around.
I think they would get a worse penalty as the element of doubt and confusion is gone.
Deliberate, intentional, and pre-meditated. Definitely see that being punished worse.
Good decision. Best of luck with Porsche.
I also agree it's a good decision by Mark. Either he knows RedBull is going to decline with 2014 rules, or it's just the whole situation with Vettel is getting over his head, second of which is more likely one I guess. You could argue that Vettel's got the better of him, which might be true, still though you never know if new rules could suit Mark better.

Regardless of that he's 36 and it's the perfect time to make the switch in his age and with Porsche just making the return. He will be very respected and noticed among the new community, which he was once a part of.

What will Kimi do now, what will Iceman do now is the wonder. What will Torro Rossos do. This is going to be a brilliant couple of races ahead of us.
I honestly believe Webber was good enough for a championship or two. It's just been so blatantly obvious that they've favoured Vettel from pretty much the beginning.

Hopefully when he officially leaves he'll reveal the truth of the Red Bull situation.

Eitherway Webber has been a Porsche fan for a long time, his road car is still a GT2 RS so it makes complete sense for him to do WEC. Good Luck to him, can't wait to see him in anger. If he wins at the 24 he'll be one of few to win at Monte Carlo and Le Sarthe and he [and Porsche] are definately capable of doing so!

Formula 1 Season 2013
(1242 posts, started )