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Cmon, it ain't 1. april yet, hold on.
Quote from englishlord :It also states a lot of other things.

Like the fact they had to sack 250 stuff to operate, i doubt they would of done that for fun.
Quote from Mustafur :Like the fact they had to sack 250 stuff to operate, i doubt they would of done that for fun.

Quote :Brawn GP had more money flowing into its coffers last year than Ferrari, Red Bull, McLaren and Renault yet it didn't have a car manufacturer or a billionaire backing it. Remarkably, Brawn had even higher revenue last year than in 2008 when it was fully owned by Honda, the biggest-spending car manufacturer in the history of Formula One.

Quote :The accounts reveal that the team's total costs fell 18.8% to £135.1m with £7.5m of the fall coming from slashed staff costs.

Quote :Cutting costs clearly did the trick. Brawn GP's pre-tax profit accelerated from £1.3m in 2008 to £98.7m the following year and the management shared a £20m dividend.

Revenue =/= money spent, also nothing suggests there it was the revenue they had at the start of the year, more like the end of season revenue when investers wanted to get involved after seeing the success and availability of sponsership space on the car and prize money gets included, fact is they took a big chunk out of the development team to start the season which suggests this exact thing.
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Dunno, they look the same to me.
Quote from Töki (HUN) :Dunno, they look the same to me.

After seeing the launch yes. They look bloody identical....
The exhaust has changed a bit, but that's about it (only small wing changes). I suspect they aren't showing everything they developed. Modest plate, for example.

edit: Nope, autosport indicates that Lotus-Renault has chosen to stick with the standard stepped design.
Mclaren is launching there car tomorrow. Be ready for lots of pictures of last years car.
I'm not sure about all the red on that Lotus. I actually liked the almost all black design.
Mclaren is out.
Typical Bernie, it was only moments before then he was saying it definitely couldn't happen..
Worst PR guy ever.
McLaren Helmets 2013
Razia has got the other seat at Marussia.

Also, 45 minutes until Force India reveal.
Ugliest Ferrari for a long time...
For me it's opposite - the most beautiful for a long time.
I'm liking the extra black on the Ferrari, a bit of a throwback to the late 80's early 90's

Formula 1 Season 2013
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