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lol. read the news, its spa or indy 500.
Quote from jaykay3000 :I hate the way they release a prologue for every episode of the game. People buy the prologue then the full game so thats what, about £63 after getting prologue then the full game (current amazon prices). Great money spinner.

Yeah, i completely agree, PD releasing a full game AND a half game over 5 years is way too much, the money grabbing whores!!

Meanwhile Forza manage to release 3 'full' titles in the same timeframe, Gotham Racing has done 4 titles with 2 year intervals also. We wont even go down the Simbin RACE route.


'They dont make you buy it' is a pretty lame come-back to such comments, but i have to say that its pretty fair in circumstances like this. Some companies milk the customers for every cent, EA being experts at finding something they can charge you for. I can have sympathy for people who dont like DLC which kinda forces you to buy into it else you get left behind, but there are certain things which are worth paying for, some things which arent.
I've never had a problem buying a Prologue/Concept title simply because i know i'll get my moneys worth from it, and i need that fix.

I cant see the arguement in it at all to be honest, its not like they're doing it to milk their customers, its more like them caving to pressure i'd say, and as long as they're not charging full price for a half measure, i have no complaints (though GT5P is the only one ive not purchased, simply because i have a beta and no cash, i'd have found the cash otherwise).
Quote from chavm481 :lol. read the news, its spa or indy 500.

That is also just speculation! It could be but it´s not confirmed.
Its speculation which has pretty solid legs though to be fair.
The most likely scenario is that its Indy GP layout, with Spa being used for round 2 of the GT Acad.

The only thing that stands out in my mind is this snippet which is all thats known of the track:
“To enter the Academy racers will have to post their best overall leaderboard times negotiating a specially created section of a new Gran Turismo 5 circuit.”
Indy and Spa are both new to GT, but 'specially created' IMO doesnt really describe the GP layout. To me it implies a unique layout THEY have created, not a layout which exists in real life and F1 cars have been up and down (even if 60% of the grid only did 1 lap one year!).

Im sure we'll find out in the next few days though as its only 12 days away.
omg so true... what if its deep forest?? <3 .. it cant be
Will that demo be coming to the U.S.?
Quote from Boris Lozac :Omg, just create a European account if it doesn't, noobs

Meh too much effort, I can read any European languages, including British English.
Quote from legoflamb :Will that demo be coming to the U.S.?

yes, as there's also a giveaway for some Indy tickets or something stupid.
Are the Indy tickets supposed to be a suitable replacement for the fact that we are not included in the GT Academy competition?
I think so.
Quote from chavm481 :omg so true... what if its deep forest?? <3 .. it cant be

It should be its awosme.

maybe they revise grindalwald i sure hope they do!
Quote from Chrisuu01 :It should be its awosme.

maybe they revise grindalwald i sure hope they do!

I forgot about that place. That was my favorite track in GT2! Oh the Memories. That the track where I first learned how to drift. I was sad when I learned it was not in GT4.
Quote from legoflamb :I forgot about that place. That was my favorite track in GT2! Oh the Memories. That the track where I first learned how to drift. I was sad when I learned it was not in GT4.

yeah i was very sad it wasnt in Gt4 i was like WTF how can you leave that one out!
I had to google it to find which track that was your talking about, and tbh... i cant remember it at all. Dunno why, certainly bought the game but i dont recall it at all. :?

If im correct.. I think I have race against you online in GT5P

my names are GTP_BigGameHit and S13_R33_Drifter
I've been online in GT5P for all of about 45min on 1 day, a good year or so ago.
So unless your on the EU beta team (unlikely judging by your flag), i'd say nah-aah

Im really dreading what they'll come up with for GT5's online, cos they were told how stupid/ineffective their penalty system was, but they ran with it anyway. Hopefully the lobby side is better too, as it was frustraiting waiting to get a race only to be kicked out once the race had finished and then wait around to get into another one.
ahh roger that

I have not really been online in the last 9 months do to deployments to Iraq and getting back to japan and racing/drifting in reality more than online. Ill check it out today and see if the system is better.

The only issue I seen was when punters would hit me from behind and I would get the penalty lol.
I'd be very surprised if it has changed in GT5P, i just hope something more accurate and fair has been coded in for GT5 because IMO it should never have made it to GT5P Beta, let alone ship like that.

And yeah, thats the biggest issue i had with it. Seeing people abuse this flaw and brake when they knew you were faster and about to pull out to overtake, its bad enough people having no racing etiquette and weaving and shoving to make/block a pass, but slamming on the brakes to initiate a speed penalty on someone else is disgraceful.

It needs private rooms, thats the only reason i ever really wanted to have Gran Turismo move online, being able to race with a mate over the wires rather than split screen.
Yea guys over at GTplanet were making systematic times to get online and race together.

However Its something I like to do but its not my life. I use clash with them a lot because they played the game and spoke as if they race in reality and they didn't. So I don't race under the GTP name any longer.

I just got the g25 and its very solid on GT5P over my DFPII. I'm re downloading LFS at the moment to test out the G25 with. Should be very cool I would think.
Really f*ck this game, they just keep delaying this game over and over again.
I don't think it was delayed in the first place. When was it ever confirmed for a release for the rest of the world? Don't be suprised if this gets pushed back too:

Quote :Sony was eying a vague "Summer 2010" release

It isn't confirmed, they just think they could release it by then.

On the other hand, if PD can release a stable demo on Thursday, why is it taking so long to finish the game? The development speed is worse than LFS's.
I think when they finally want to release it, they won't, because the graphics will be outdated by then...

Gran Turismo 5
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