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Quote from Nadeo4441 :I believe the black toyota gt-one was one of them

Didn't they appear every 599 days or something?
"There was also a used version buy-able from the Late 90s used car lot along side the Nissan R390 GT1 in days 694-700 which has a black paint color, one of the secret black racecars"
Quote from J@tko :Didn't they appear every 599 days or something?

Quote from :All these are "rare" cars. Every ten days, the used car inventory in each East City dealership changes. Occasionally, a rare car will appear, which is available to buy until the inventory changes again. The Cappuccino is one of those cars -- it pops up in the Suzuki dealership every so often. The Datsun appears in the Nissan used car lot. Just constantly keep checking the relevant used cars list every ten game days, and you'll eventually find what you're looking for. Other "rare" cars to watch for include the Toyota 2000GT '68, Mazda RX-7 A-Spec, Mazda AZ-1 A-Spec and Mazda RX-7 Turbo '83, amongst others.

One rare car i ALWAYS wanted on there was the TRD Supra. I'd always find it in the turbo race i believe, but could never obtain it.

EDIT: Isnt the Lotus GT1 one of the secret black race cars? Even though you can just win it in one of the races?
Quote from J@tko :Didn't they appear every 599 days or something?

Taken from IGN...
There are four special "black cars" that show up from days 694-700. If you
miss the cars the first time, wait another 694 days and you can buy them


As for GT5, I have to wait until Monday to go get it. From what i've seen so far, it's looking pretty damn good. I envy all who has it. Atleast the PS3 will have a reason to be switched on instead of the 360 for once.
It really is a "bullshot" generator as someone here likes to call them.

The game looks really very ropey, very often, when you're actually playing or watching a replay with stuff going on. Disappointing.
Hopefully getting the game tomorrow, can i do anything while it's doing that full install?
Quote from CoolColJ :Fap Fap

Ha, no seriously.. Can i atleast do some licences or something..
**** yeah. Golded the Elise challenge. God that's intense.
There's a way around for some easy money

Quote :1. Create a new account.
2. Select your birthdate as the year of the car you are looking for.

Use this list as reference: ... ducts/gt5/carlist_en.html

3. Start the game up, since it's your birthday, you will receive a voucher for a free car for the year you were born. Redeem your voucher and receive your car at random.

4. Gift this car over to your regular account.

5. Delete your save file for the account you just created.

6. Start up GT5 again with this account and you be able to redeem another voucher.

7. Repeat as necessary.

It goes without saying that you do this at your own risk. However, Sony generally does not care about this sort of stuff.

Birthday cars can't be resold over a certain amount.

1967 is the sweet spot for expensive classics. Ford Mark IV, 330 P4, Muira, 2D.

Anything over 1992 is subject to minor restrictions. 1992 has the F40.

No cheating for me.... ... auchi-interview-interview

Quote :We also received a lot of demands for having more regulations placed on the online play.
We're going to perform an update on the 27th that will include things like max power restrictions and weight restrictions.

Any chance of some proper reviews from some experienced LFS'ers?
jason.. I'm too lazy to do a full review.. but in short. It's good. It's not uber uber sim like iRacing is.. but it's real enough while still being accessable to average people that I enjoy it a lot. I'm different though from most, in that I don't care about premium models vs standard (I will admit that the standards look less good, but they don't look terribly awful).

Along with Kaz making frequent references in interviews to gradually add more features.. I think it's definitely worth the 60$ I paid (Which was shocking that it was 59.99, when most EA games are 69.99 in CA anyways.. devs for large releases like to money grub and make it the 69.99 price)
yesterday I had a long day playing with some friends in a gathering, basically doing time attacks, there were moments when the game feels arcadish when we try a civic type R on grand valley and realize going balls out, rear sliding into a corner is the quickest way in. However when we do the grand tour special event with the 8C, it geniuelly was an reducation on proper driving techniques, so some mixed experience.

I find that some car has ridiculous handling behavior, for example the C63 AMG. while some other feel sublime, there is some inconsistency issue through out the game.
what is the c63 like?
Quote from Gabkicks :what is the c63 like?

snap oversteer at corner entry, happens very often when you lift off the brakes and turning in, you almost have to give it some throttle pre apex to settle it down, you will just have to drive it to understand.

compare to a ISF, the handling is really wonky.
Played it for one day. Now for sale.

GT5 was good, but I spent about 90% of the time in the menus rather than racing. My time is better spent on iRacing on the PC where I can browse forums and multitask while waiting for a race to start, rather than sitting there bashing my face in during loading screens and backing out and having to search for a car that fits the criteria after I realize I don't own the right car for the event I want to participate in. Or somehow getting 800,000 credits after 40 minutes of actual racing.

The A.I. Oh gawd the A.I.

It's got some major flaws.
I browse forums a lot while waiting for races in GT. Not much waiting anymore since I installed it last night. I did have a shittonne of credits.. I've spent probably 1,500,000 so far in about 12 hours of play.
Quote from dawesdust_12 :I browse forums a lot while waiting for races in GT. Not much waiting anymore since I installed it last night. I did have a shittonne of credits.. I've spent probably 1,500,000 so far in about 12 hours of play.

I installed it as well, but just the animations and loading inbetween races and series is just annoying. Even if I had a laptop on the couch sitting next to me, I would have to concentrate to keep hitting buttons to navigate the menus and all that. I enjoyed the experience, but I think it'd wear off pretty soon anyway.
When you get photo locations for rewards I get annoyed, I think the photo mode on the reply is ok, but like any type of photo mode I won't use it. I still think they could have used the programing space on other things, the game still needs a bit of refining on the graphics and we could have had some of the other tracks back in and some more premium cars rather then photo mode.
Quote from Hotdogxx60 :... like any type of photo mode I won't use it.

Its simply matter of personal preference. The level of detail on the premium cars + photomode features alone are a huge incentive. I've been using it on my flatmate's PS3 (as I'm not a big fan of PS3/XBOX-controllers for racing) and I absolutely love it! I would prefer more photo-locations over more race tracks
actually the only place where the graphic engine truely shine is in photo travel, the in race photo mode don't have the same environmental mapping details. I hope there's more lighting variations between different locations though.

Finished grand tour in all Gold! Love the rally stage, I think the rallying in this game put a lot pure rally games to shame.
Got it in the mail yesterday, and played till I reached Level 8

As most things have already been said, I see what I can come up with that hasn't been mentioned.

Force feedback is really great for the premium cars (haven't driven a standard car yet). I especially like how the steering goes light when the front wheels lock up.

The graphics can be beautiful (and in motion, the standard cars actually don't look as bad as I feared. Still far from as good as i'd like though)

The physics are definately improved and feel more like Enthusias now. Still, to fully apreciate them, you need top turn the steering model to "simulation" and search through one or two other submenues to disable all driving aids. It almost seems like PD tried to hide their physics deliberately.

Also, the level system is rubbish. I kind of do understand that they wanted to give the a- and b-spec points more of a value than mere bragging rights, but as it is now, there are two hurdles to overcome to advance: level and money. Seems a bit redundant and unneeded.

EDIT: Btw, my PSN ID is ColeusRattus (surprisingly) if anyone wants to add me.
Someone with enogh free time and boredom should compile a list with all the PSN IDs mentioned in this thread.

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