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Quote from Gills4life :That is why I said attention to detail. Would you seriously rather have corners cut or proper attention to detail? I know which one I would rather have

Proper attention to detail would be to create a much more detailed model and make it gaming compatable. That's why all major game companies first make high poly models, bake a normal map from them than use a lower poly model in game, or at least bake a shaded texture istead of just trying to recreate everything in the game engine.

Because the end result will look better, and much more resource efficient than modelling every individual items and leave the dynamic shadow to work its heart out. (Which doesn't seem to be enabled in that pic btw)
Quote from Gills4life :Well so far the ingame gameplay from the demos has looked much smoother than Prologue with more anti-aliasing too. I don't need to get used to anything thanks. I can't believe you're on about Yamauchi talking crap to be honest. He is generally quite quiet and usually if he says anything it is mis-translated. Compare that with Dan Greenawalt who could chat shit for the USA if it were an olympic event!

Exactly, your watching videos of game play on a monitor, which is then most likely being recorded with a video camera. Quite different from playing it on a TV. I remember seeing videos of GT:HD and GT5:P on sites and thinking the edges were smooth. Imagine my disappointment when coming to play the game.

And the reason i think Yamauchi talks crap most the time, is because he really does. Case in point is him saying the weather system is done yet there is no proof. I also believe that at one point, he (or it may have been a 3rd party company, to which i apologize) said that any car can have any engine swap, yet there is no proof for this either.

I do agree with you on Greenwalt about him talking crap too though. "first simulation with tyre flex". Ehhmmm, no.

If GT5 gets good enough reviews, then i will quite happily buy a PS3 again and get GT5. All depends on how much the physics, sounds and graphics have been updated.
This thread is super serial!!
Quote from jibber :This thread is super serial!!

Or it's just a Discussion.
It's not like were arguing at least!

I'm just scared of Gill's owning me at some point. *cowers*
Quote from Nathan_French_14 :Or it's just a Discussion.
It's not like were arguing at least!

I'm just scared of Gill's owning me at some point. *cowers*

So you should be Well it's clearly down to personal opinion so the discussion will never end in that case. I was certainly not disappointed with the way Prologue looked. That was one of the main things I was impressed with about it! You can assume that Kaz is talking crap but no one can say for certain until the full game is finally released. I trust that he will deliver a cracking good game, whatever it eventually contains. I'm not sure about him saying there will be full engine swaps. I have not read this anywhere, just that you will be able to "fully tune" every car. Kind of vague but nothing about engine swaps. Most of the people that interview him seem to mis-translate stuff on purpose sometimes just so that they can spread wild speculation. Kaz always seems to keep his cards close to his chest, so it's often difficult to get anything interesting out of him.

Personally, I just hope they give us some proper sounds! I will be disappointed if they are not improved over Prologue's, which I fear could be the case from the recent demos. Then again, there is plenty of time before the game is released, so who knows?
wow, people really are clutching at straws when the GT5 car models are being critisized!

You look at a screenshot of a game which at best will run at 1920x1080, but they've produced a screenshot with the game running at 5760 x 3240, ie 9 Full HDTV's worth of detail, which you'd see 1/3rd of, and despite the fact that they're obviously stunning and make everything else on the market look like its come from a Commodore 64, theres still some who cant help but moan... and bizarrely they're the same people who've found something to complain about from everything.

If someone can point me in the direction of a game which has better modelling, then i'd love to see it! Especially when its scrutinised when its viewed at resolutions 3x what anyone is ever realistically going to see them.

If PD released the game free, with a PS3 & TV, and were to pay you $100 for each month you played it for 10hrs or more, there would still be people moaning at PD because they've got to pay the electricity bills. Meanwhile, their ticking timebomb console and GT wannabe is the greatest ever
Quote from PaulC2K :common sense.

This is what I was trying to say in a previous post. You don't see other games at this high res to see every last detail. If you were then the detail would be pale in comparison to this. The level of quality that PD manage to achieve with their modelling is absolutely second to none! But still not good enough for some.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :d
Quote from danowat :Demo coming 17th Dec

The really fast guys should give it a shot and buy or lend a PS3 for a while woudn´t be that bad to win the 'GT Academy 2010 Time Trial' and getting training and if you are good enough to beat the other players to even get a seat in a racing team. After each Race you win you could then start telling the people that you learned the driving with Live for Speed.

To bad I am not good enough, but still will download the Demo and try the car and track. Looking forward to it.
Ok, all I need is a HD tv, a PS3, and time. Do you think this falls under off-the-job training ?
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Quote from Intrepid :hehe aka can we find a gran turismo driver (that happens to have a real-life motorsport past) who can race for real and pretend they never had any experience.

Well Piquet needs a new Team after Renault kicked him out so he is already training with GT5prologue. : D
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I'm a Forza die hard but IMO GT5 at least has a more graphically accurate Nurburgring.

I watched that video, the ZR1 Nurburgring lap, and did a lap in forza and Forza's ring appears flattened and straightened out. For example, coming out of Hatzenbach there is a quick left-right-left onto a small staight before Hocheichen. While in the ZR1 and GT5 the drivers have to almost treat this part as a left-straight-right-left because of the size of the corner, in Forza i can straight line that section using a bit of grasscrete on the right hander (something ther IRL but wasn't in GT4 and maybe not GT5). Also, on the right side of the small straight before Hocheichen is a perfect example of the accuracy GT5. While in real life and GT5 it appears to be a decently sized hill with lots of grass and a NASCAR style catch fence above the close to the road guardrail, Forza's guardrail is quite far from the road (watching the videos, it seems to be like this most of the way around the track). Another spot where GT5 and Forza appear miles apart, and GT5 is closer to real life, is between Aremberg and Adenauer Forst. Almost like driving two different tracks. Lastly, and I think most obviously, the Forza kerbs are massive compared to what is seen the the real life video. GT5 is once again much closer.

If I hadn't spent a fortune on my Prestige edition of COD, I might've just gone out and gotten a PS3 to try the Ring on GT5. Something tells me it is like the GT4 Ring, where it constantly such you back because of the sheer experience it is to drive.
Looks pretty nice. I remember playing gt3 on the ps2. I don't think I ever completed it all as there was so much content though I ended up doing that whole thing of racing, getting lots of money then slowly buying and customising each of my fave cars.

Looks awesome though gt5. Just a shame i'd have to buy a playstation just to play it.

I hate the way they release a prologue for every episode of the game. People buy the prologue then the full game so thats what, about £63 after getting prologue then the full game (current amazon prices). Great money spinner.

But probably worth it if your a die hard racing geek and have lots of disposable income or nice parents
Quote from Rappa Z :I might've just gone out and gotten a PS3 to try the Ring on GT5.

Wait, so is it confirmed that the demo will come with the Ring?

Gran Turismo 5
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