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XR GT TURBO: swede+zebra+prism
Three skins I had in my drawer.
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nice one dude =]
Are we allowed to use it and/or modify it?
Quote from J.P (GB) :Are we allowed to use it and/or modify it?

No duh we are allowed to use it. Just dont modify it. Thats basic rules for using peoples skins. Use, dont abuse.
Use freely, i.e. modify, make better (or wash it off ) and let me know .

Cheers for your comments!
Quote from Ingolf :Use freely, i.e. modify, make better (or wash it off ) and let me know .

Cheers for your comments!

What the....... I washed it off just like you said, to see the paint job underneath all that dirt and found it to be just the white default skin!!!! I already have that skin, thanks for the wasted time downloading!!!! Hehe, just kidding! It's cool. Perhaps could use a little bit of brown and a little other color in there instead of just 1 shade of gray. It's cool none the less. I've seen another skin for a UF1 I think that was dirty and rusted with some multicolored panels on it that was pretty good too.
Thanks for the wash.
Just a pity we can't kill the gloss. IMO that is the worst thing about the dirty car paint jobs. no matter how skilled you do the mud/dirt, etc, having the shiny in-game lighting just makes it look fake.
Perhaps the dynamic dirt modelling in S3 will sort that out, Al..
The gloss will probably still be on the car as the dynamic dirt modelling would then be put on top of the glossy car. I would imagine you would still not be able to create a dirty car skin without it looking glossy.
My Very post of a skin i made...
Hello members of
After various attempts at making a skin on photoshop (im noob at it), I kinda have the hang of atleast making a decent (IMO) skin. The current photoshop i am using is Photoshop 6.0...

link: ... age=modifiedgroove8tg.jpg
(hope the link works...)

Skin is free to use...

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Nice one, all I can say is that it would look better it it was made with the a higher resolution template, something like the 1024 or 2048 would inprove it a lot. But good job though.
And a few colours wouldn't go amiss - just plonking logos on a white skin is hardly gonna win prizes.
i've been messing around a lot with the neat features, and it is pretty cool . Though, i never knew how to change the colour of the template...
and whenever it asks for the res. it goes to inches instead of pixels
any help with that? I know the master skinners forum has guides but, i have too many membership names and passwords, i don't wanna remember them all

Thanks for the advice.
Very nice motary

Feel like doing a public version?
thats a beauty!
Quote from Ingolf :This one needs a wash. Use freely.

Nice one
Private skin

by Skeeter
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LFS 2006-01-12 05-11-26-46.jpg
Mun oma Skinit
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I think i just threw up in my mouth...

"I couldn't be bothered to make a skin, so I just put some low res pics on top of the default template. Lets have a sing song - lalalalalala"
quality! illepall
The smileys on the mirror is actually a funny idea


XR Skins (All)
(7655 posts, started )