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XR Skins (All)
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Nice, but as you are LFS player you shouldn't promote other racing games. You know it's a terrible sin!
Quote from deggis :Nice, but as you are LFS player you shouldn't promote other racing games. You know it's a terrible sin!

I personally agree, but GRAN TURISMO 1-4 is such a legend that it should be ok

loved to play that game btw.
Hehe, I've slapped my wrist already

But the GT series are the only console racers I play.. and Burnout Revenge.

Glad you like the skins
5 minute job
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That is such a HOT looking XRR, Soper - really nice work :up:
My first skin Skyline R34 & S2000
Skyline R34 & S2000
i could done better with the skyline but s2000 is good
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If you have a look on the Master Skinnerz forum, Bunta has some skin kits with guide meshes that make lining up the stripes on the bonnet, etc., really easy.
thanx man its ok for my first one
Indeed, yours is way better then my first skin was
XRR skin based on the livery of an early-90's Honda Prelude from the British Thundersaloons series. This was one of the first racing cars I loved (the noise this thing made! and nothing could beat it at the time. It's still racing in the Classic Thunder championship with a different (awful) livery, because the original Thundersaloons series doesn't exist any more

(Ported over from my post at RSC)
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armorall preview.jpg
XR Racing 2048 hi-res skin: (click image to d/load)

6-pack assorted flavours (2048 skins): (click image to d/load zip file)

jummy skins. So I'm off for some XRR-Action
Really sweet looking paints ther Mr Al
I think I asked before, but do you do requests?
Thanks. Yes I do requests from time to time
But no more team skins when someone wants 3 variations of every car
If you want a one-off of a certain car or a small mod of one of my existing skins, drop me a line
Abso-bloody-lutely fantastic work there Al!

Middle-right and bottom-right rock my socks.
One of my own designs. 2048x2048 and 1024x1024 versions.
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Hey yeah! Thats what I'm talking about! I have looked for a skyline
Quote from benmjt :Skyline R34 & S2000
i could done better with the skyline but s2000 is good

Just curious where that design of the girl on your skin came from. I have a RAC skin with that same design on it only I don't know who made it. Same for the other one. I have a FZR skin with that design. lol Are they yours and if so nice work.

Why do the skins look so pink? Are the skins like that, or did you edit the sky color or something? Oh well, good job for first skins, keep at it.


download here

rs-r team skin,hold u like.

dunno where i can upload the skin. its 1064kb.
you can upload it here as an attachment
Here's my Personal MRT(McKinlay Racing Team) Skin of both the XRG and XRT(same skin works for both, don't know about the XRR yet)
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Quote from Victor :If you have the files hosted elsewhere, please DO NOT use [IMG] tags for screenshots, etc. It will make the thread load slower for 56k users.

Please try to remember our 56k members and only post links rather than images in these skin threads. Thanks everyone.

XR Skins (All)
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