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XR Skins (All)
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XR Skins (All)
Post skins here for the: XR GT, XR GT Turbo, & XR GTR

  1. ONLY Post Finished Skins
  2. If you have a screenshot, please post the skin file also (not a requirement, but would be nice).
  3. If you have the files hosted elsewhere, please DO NOT use [IMG] tags for screenshots, etc. It will make the thread load slower for 56k users.
  4. Try to keep the chatter to a minimum, new people are viewing this thread to find themselves a nice skin, they don't need to scroll through pages of text to finally find something. If you want to comment on someone's skin, that is fine, but please... everyone is exploring their own creativity and personal tastes, so be supportive.
Thank You, and happy skinning! :cool:
#2 - Palex
Al, this is for the XR skins
here's my Falken Discount Tires drift skins:
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D'oh! Sorry guys, having a bit of a bad day!
Easy Start
Just a Quick little Silvia i made over a couple of minutes,
That Newcommers or ill experienced skinners can give a a personal touch.

Intended to give newcommers an easy start

Enjoy no copyright
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XRT_S13 Stock.JPG
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Quote from al heeley :D'oh! Sorry guys, having a bit of a bad day!

#6 - Soper
Yes it was, real fun, many great skins and the voting was exciting
Nice ones Justin. I like the Metal Gear Acid :P
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Hey Glory
Hey Glory,

nice that you adapted my way of presenting my skins @ Master Skinnerz.
If you need a mask-layer for it, let me know nice Skin btw.
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my first skin on the new boards

esso tiger express XRR

as ever i welcome any feedback ,as long as its constructive
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nice work there mate
Here is one of mine... also a challenge winner over at Master Skinners
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Oops, no need to shout, Al.
Hi here is a Xrr skin I did
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I like that. Is that your own design or a replica of something?
hi. no I just made it up thanks
Last of the V8 Interceptors... be a shame to blow it up
Mad Max meets Live for Speed!

A few days ago it occurred to me that it would be fun to create some 'Mad Max' Main Force Patrol skins for the major vehicles you see in the film. Obviously the LFS cars aren't particularly like the Fords and Holdens used in the film, so I've kept the flavour of the original colour schemes, modifying them as little as possible to make them fit the newer car styling, but some changes have been necessary.

I've done Max and The Dark One's (unnamed) Interceptor, The Big Bopper and of course the famours black Pursuit Special interceptor as XRRs, and the March Hare as an FXR.

After much thought I decided to add some details to the black interceptor that aren't faithful to the film. No excuses, except simply that a plain black skin is hardly a challenge and a little bit dull. And of course it's easier to take off the new decals on the car than to put them on! I also decided against adding a fake blower and side pipes, because I really don't like decals trying to represent items that are very 3D. (They never look right...)

Here are some previews, and I'll put the skins in a separate post for each car. The March Hare skin is in the FXO/FXR thread here.

Hope you like 'em.
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Mad Max car skins (2)
The infamous black interceptor, the Pursuit Special.
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XR GTR_MFP_Int.col - 56 B - 4575 views
Mad Max car skins (3)
Max's interceptor (unnamed, as far as I know) from the start of the film.
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XR GTR_MFP_MM.col - 56 B - 2082 views
Mad Max car skins (4)
The Big Bopper, the rather ill-fated pursuit car involved in the chase at the start of the film.
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XR GTR_MFP_BB.col - 56 B - 1886 views
LeMans winning Mazda 787B livery for the rotary fans. I know you're out there.
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Ok, if anyone wants a Man Utd skin, here it is :-P

Renders in above post.
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Anyone out there willing to give a shot at remaking the old Sega Daytona USA cars? e.g. The Hornet car

XR Skins (All)
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