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XR Skins (All)
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Quote from innersasuke16 :dude that one is awsome will it be public ?

Not this one But i can make a public skin if anyone want it?
for sure m8 !!
Quote from VTcommodore this is my site check out sum of my renders and skins im very happy to make custom skins for any one as long as there a drifter WINK WINK

omfg can you put a link so you can use that skin its so damm nice
Quote from Switcher83 :Hello 8-)

now i want to present my new skins. They are the Xanavi 1999 and 2003 Designs. They are public, so fell free to use them

Enjoy... :woohoo:

damm the links dont work for me please paste other links

Inspired by amused. Preparer of Japanese cars.

4096 x 4096:
Documentation through images and sites to make the skin more truthful as possible.

Public Skins.

Do not Edit. Thank you very much,
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XRG_Amuse 2048.jpg
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™DB Support skin
SKODA 130rs
Skoda 130rs
Skoda 130lr
no need to post it 3 times post it all in 1 post
hey this is just a skin i made tonight because i had nothing better to do. i used corel. post some feedback plz

Nice Skin!
This my Skins
Nice muffler, haha.
put that ugly lights off, and then it´ll be look better
And the lights are from golf mk3, but logo on rear says : ''Nissan''.
Ricceerr ..
yep, better now
Hello girlz!
I now, many peoples make someone of afri cola skin. But now, one from me. I hope, you loved ;o)...
(better Basti?)

XR Skins (All)
(7658 posts, started )