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Thanks Bob! Awesome job on these skins
i luv u bob!!!! nvm mind bout my request i dont need it i got paint pro now
but nice work!!! its cool
Razors Edge Flame - Thrower skin
My Razors Edge skin.

It started off as a Bruce Cambel (from EvilDead2) skin with the chainsaw and stuff, but it started looking better as I covered him in flames. Then I had the idea of a flaming car leaving a smoke trail. Then I decided I wanted a source for the flames so I added the flame thrower. I think it turned out pretty good!

Here's a lil vid of a bit of drifting action as I was getting the screenshots. Nothing too special, but I like making vids! (HiRes, 10MB WMV)
Quote from hrtburnout :Thanks Bob! Awesome job on these skins

Quote from ADi305 :i luv u bob!!!!

Thanx, my pleasure . After I got the idea to make the entire car like hamtaro himself and i made eyes out of the headlights, the rest was done quite quickly.

Anyhoo, I should start doing useful stuff (university), so no requests for a while
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Awesome police skin. I had kinda started to make one but this one is better than what I had in mind.
first whack at a skin
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awsome drift vid!
also did a ford sierra skin. only fitting as thats my daily runabout
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Sorry, you can't view this skin. Only the owner can (you are logged in as: hrtburnout - skinname: XRT_FORDSIERRA.JPG).
edited with screenshot

new teck skin. this one was a bit harder.. think this will be my personal one :P

(JSPEC N2oxide) DELETED by JSPEC N2oxide : i want to delete it cuz i took credit for it.
Quote from JSPEC N2oxide :This is my try at skinning. This is a Jeff gordon skin
i will upload my suit after i take a pic of it.

Yea wise the hell up and stop stealing skins from others....I rendered this skin for teazR a while back. Skinners put alot of work into making skins so wise the hell up or the like of you will stop skinners from making skins.
I think an apology is in order on this - pretty blatant, how on earth did he think he could get away with claiming it as his own work?!
i appologize for taking credit for your skin. Here is the suit i made.
Save it to your LFS/Data/Pics. Make sure u back up the origonal copy.
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here is MY skin set. I made this skin a while ago...Hope you like it. It comes with a matching helmet.
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These are my first ever skins. Or WERE at least. I know they're stupid but if you've ever seen Mad TV then they're good for a laugh
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UOH Preveiw.JPG
Stew Preveiw.JPG
(cgrassham) DELETED by cgrassham
Car to go with balckwood snow
Hey i thought i wuld do a skin for the blackwood snow mod, let me no wat u think as its my first full skin of a car

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Polizei skin
Send me PM if you like this skin and want to use Preview for your pleasure..
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I made my very first skin. It`s based on Initial D`s Takumi`s hachi-roku, hope you like it

Remember to name this correctly!

Edit: Doh! I just realized that Takumi`s hachi-roku had black mirrors, oh well...

My team skin (Akina Speed Stars) is almost like that one, but it`s modified just a little bit
Dirty Xrt
This one needs a wash. Use freely.
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Haha, good work

XR Skins (All)
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