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didn't u read what i wrote?
Pretty cool stuff there Scrabby.
2x Pepsi Max 500ml
1x Dr. Pepper Zero 500ml
1x "The Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-03" - £1.74 bargain!

wewt for me
Moby - Play
1x Monitor Deskmount - £9.97.

Originally got it for my 17" LCD TV, but the screws don't fit.

Tried it on one of my monitors and realised how badass it is so i'm getting 3 more.

Pink is gay and clean up your room!
Pink thing = T-Mobile SIM for the GF.

My room is actually quite tidy compared to how it used to be...
lol at the bottom shelf,castrol gtx oil, mobil oil and 11 cans of carlsberg
Graupner K 40 prop

Team Orion 8,4v 4500mah race pack

T2M quick charger 220volt

for my bike
Quote from iFastLT :
for my bike

In the same colour as the picture?

I bought a ticket for this...
Quote from Migz :In the same colour as the picture?

yeah^^ something wrong?
fcuk it, didn't see that word earlier

I will be fitting this tomorrow, whats the bet that it rains constantly, i'd say it's a dead f--king cert for bad weather!
Looks like a boat anchor to me.

And $10 of gas. Went from below E to just above it.
Wow that guy's dumb. Almost as dumb as the guy that cleaned his engine with water...

No I'm addicted to those. I drink them.

Post your Last Purchase!
(7016 posts, started )