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Two of these, one of these, one of these, and - bizarrely - some of this to shield the control and pickup cavities.


After 2nd gen iPad was announced yesterday, all retailers over here started practically giving away 1st gen devices for super cheap to clear out old stocks. Couldn't resist grabbing one with me, and I do love it!

Acer Aspire 5742G 15,6" HD LED

Bought it to have something to do on the freetime in the army

HTC Desire HD.
A years car insurance - £953
They fixed my car in the garage.... for like a lot of money.
Quote from G!NhO :.... for like a lot of money.

Oilchange is not that expensive...
Changing the oil of the motor, rear diff, transmission and many other replaced parts is...

i could post everything replaced.
this one :P and love it to bits (not my pic)
I don't know all the right words..

6 Spark plugs, badly worn
Distributer cap, something was missing inside
Valvecover gasket, leaked
Oil filter
Rotor??, badly worn
Timing belt, way too loose and was totally the wrong one and it was already one step out
Tensioner for timing belt, again wrong one was on
The other two snares
Head clutch cylinder, leaked
Brake fluid
Coolant fluid, leaking
Transmission oil and rear diff oil
Low beam headlights, they had water in them

My front brakes didn't go back all the way, and my brakepad warning light was fixed
Valve timing or whatever you call it
Radiator was leaking
APK test similar to MOT test? i think
22 work hours

Now it runs like a dream though.
Quote from G!NhO :Holy crap list...

How the hell did that car run before they changed all that stuff?
rotor! wankel engined e30! epic!
Yeah well it says rotor on the paper :P not the fan though.

They said to me it was a miracle it still ran. haha
A Line 6 Spider IV

A guitar amp of 75w

distributor rotor,or brake rotor. but ye.. that was a piece of crap than right?
but now almost everything is new

If I turn into Dustin please punch me in the face.
It's OK Kev. I'm going for the new 15" (after next years refresh) but an iPad 2 in the near future (end of this month).

It will be magical, although I'll need to lock out the Videos app... >.>
Well it just made sense for me to get a Macbook:

I'm commuting to an office three days a week so I needed a notebook.
It had to be Mac or Windows because I'll also be using it for Pro Tools recording.
Again because it will run Pro Tools it needed Firewire, so if a Mac it had to be a Macbook Pro.
All my stuff ends up on Linux servers so it makes sense to have a *nix-based OS on the desktop so I can test locally. So a Mac made more sense than a Windows computer.

I also think their UI is excellent and their screens look good. Also I've been using Windows since 1993 and that is enough time with the same GUI for anybody, I'm bored of it.

I will not be evangelising the Mac like a sad bastard though, or trolling about it like you do.

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