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Just put in the order for this, in black of course. One step closer to getting the car finished.
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3 more monitor mounts - £9.97 each,

Z5500's - £100

Collection - £6.99 (failed and refunded)

Collection - £13.99 (arrived today)

9600GT - £4.97

Collection - £6.99

Tomorrow - G1 hopefully.

Clothes, oh and Worms for the iPhone
Quote from Falcon140 :Just put in the order for this, in black of course. One step closer to getting the car finished.

Nice, for dirttrack racing? (looking at the tyres)
I bought this a few months ago but had forgotten to post it in here...

500 mile round trip to get it (ebay) and it doesn't work!

The wrecked circuit boards are with a mate of mine who is repairing the damage where the backup battery leaked all over it, should be done soon.

Oh yeah, there were 2 tickets to this which has been and gone now, it was excellent!

a ticket for q-base 2009.. but can't be bothered to take or find a pic
one of these:

got this for £45

T-Mobile G1 / HTC Dream (Black) - £0

T-Mobile Combi 30 + Web 'n Walk Plus (18 Months) - £34.25pm,
(Unlimited Texts, 700 Minutes, 3GB Data).

8 Months Free (via Redemption).

-£20 from QuidCo.

Effective montly cost - £17.92pm

Then once it turns up I'm adding the "Family Booster Pack" so that me, my girlfriend, and my parents all get unlimited calls / texts / picture messages to each other.

That brings the overall cost to - £22.92pm.
Seasons 1-3 of Criminal Minds on DVD - €100
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2.5kg anker

10m rope
Soooo.... Who are you going to drown?
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Quote from DevilDare :Soooo.... Who are you going to drown?

Lets hope he's going to drown himself.
Suzuki 9.9 DF, 9.9hp 4 stroke shorttail. I am broke now, almost. :P
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Bought one of these:

A Razer Lachesis.
It's tough to get a good grip on it though since it's an ambidextrous mouse with a narrow body and a low profile. Other than that, it feels and performs like God and all that is holy in my hand.


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