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New rubbers for the summer, Falken FK-452 @ 225/50ZR16

Very good tyres, had them on my Corsa in 215/35/18s. Great in the rain and stick like shit to a blanket in the dry.


Not new, but will do the job.
beer x5
my last purchase. I love them

So bitches and alcohol deserver posts here too?

then I will start making like 20 posts a day here in this thread, and all the 20 times it's alcohol.
Why was definately good purchase. Its gonna last few night thought

buh bye social life, hello virtual life.
Quote from P5YcHoM4N :Symphony X are awesome. You lucky bastard.

Yes they are. Very, very, very awesome.
Quote from amp88 :AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Black Edition + Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus + Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB.

have this, like it but my ram stick atm dont seem to...

buyer beware ( though id say the boards knackered... only been restarted 2-3 times in its short lifespan... )
God, that Samsung can't design things for the life of them..
this and this while i was there too, i didnt think that £140 all in was too bad really, plus it got this thing running again as the HDD bricked itself this morning and wouldnt boot in any mode, couldnt even re-install it was so screwed, so the new disk was a must, plus with XP being so ancient now getting W7 kind of made sense.
Quote from DEVIL 007 :my last purchase. I love them


Didn't you post that very picture a couple of months/years ago in the post your girlfriend thread?
*braces for EPIC flaming*

A new boot / spoiler for my car...

Quote from Jakg :*braces for EPIC flaming*

A new boot / spoiler for my car...

Come on buddy. We're trying to help you here. There's absolutely no point on this earth as to why you would want to try to make a pig look like a race horse.
We discussed this before, that rover 75 makes you look like you're wearing your dads clothes. Get rid of it and buy something that has a RS or VXR badge on it. A car with a badge like the ones I mentioned will go like a rocket and will suit you better than your dads old smoking jacket.
If I were given your car, I'd take the engine out of it, put the engine into an old Subaru Impreza chassis. I'd then drive that Impreza to the Subaru dealer and ask him how much it would cost to put a Subaru engine into my Impreza.
Palit gpu broke, so got an evga instead..

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