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Whats wrong with s4 mini?
because those little brothers of high-end phones are just underpowered versions of their bigger brothers (like one generation behind ov dem), also samsung design sucks hairy camel b*lls...
and how about if i dont want a 5 inch or bigger screen and i just want to play real racing 3 and use facebook?
Two more followed me home. Husqvarna 610's. 1995 WXC 610 and 2000 SM610S Supermoto. Probably just going to fix them and make some money.

awww....doing my bike license atm...sooooooooo wanna get a supermoto when im done.
Asus GTX760


Welcome to the club! Is that a turbo?
Quote from jibber :Welcome to the club! Is that a turbo?

No, it's just dressed like it.
Arma 3 in the Steam sale. Decent game
Quote from smove :No, it's just dressed like it.

Still very nice, enjoy it man!
Just ordered one of these, custom build. Waiting on delivery to Malaysia.

Santa Cruz Bronson C.

Very cool! This is my MTB: https://scontent-a-pao.xx.fbcd ... 209231865_984916480_n.jpg

Had it since end of last year. Just picked up a 50mm stem. The overdrive 2 system Giant runs means this was the only stem I could use. The Bronson was on my list when I was looking for a new MTB last year but was quite a bit more expensive than the Giant.
The Giant's are nice. I used to ride a Blur LT but sold it, so I actually wanted to try something totally different. But ease of availability and support in Malaysia made me stick with something relatively common here. Everyone seems to have a Bronson, so I thought I would just join in! 27.5in wheels and Carbon will be new for me, so I'm looking forward to trying that.

PC is now much less toasty and much quieter.
Building a HTPC/server to replace my Raspberry and Synology NAS.

An awesome i5 4460 with VT-d

Mini-ITX power efficient motherboard.

Fractal Design Node 304 in white.

16GB of RAM for virtualization

Power efficient PSU

256GB SSD for OS

Plus some 3TB drives from my old NAS to go with this for storage. Hoping to go below 20W idle.
I upgraded to a 4790k and ASROCK z97x Killer motherboard

And HORI PlayStation 3 Real Arcade Pro fight stick.

Kind of as a backup headset as currently fixing my Kaves. Also got some cooling fans for the case, upgrading das rig on fall-ish.

Really awesome for their price. Only about 10 euros more expensive than fatal1ties but i rather like these as the pads are more comfortable.
Quote from Gabkicks :I upgraded to a 4790k and ASROCK z97x Killer motherboard ...

Great mobo, I installed one for my dad a couple of days ago with a 4770k
How i missed to post my music gear purchases in this thread!
I've actually sold many things and mainly kept my sp1200 and mpc60... But now and then i still find some new stuff i like...

Those power supplies are awesome.
Is it? Good coz i been hezitating a loz what to or seasonic or hx etc.. but for what i use my pc for i thought it be good enough.

Post your Last Purchase!
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