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A bus ticket.
Quote from [plidex] mateo :

I love this thing... I had to buy one right now just because I've seen it in your post
So my last purchase is also Coca-Cola now

And I'm drinking it
Have you never seen weed in your life?
Quote from G!NhO bought a frozen mold?

You sure you're Dutch?

EDIT On-topic:

Lol, i FAIL and yes i have seen it
£2.08 of Unleaded.

Hate having no money. :sadbanana
Quote from S14 DRIFT :£2.08 of Unleaded.

Hate having no money. :sadbanana

You've got an expensive motorbike, but no money to keep it running, lol! My bike costs nothing to run. It's a real lightweight compared to yours.

I bought two Sundae icecreams at McDonald's today. Yummy
Yeahh but mine gets to 60mph in 3 seconds.

A price well worth paying, imo.
Even if you have an empty gas tank? :P
Yes. Powered by hamsters in wheels...


more than overdue...

Nice and loud
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Burnout Paradise
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Tomorrow im getting my 80GB PS3 with Resistance 2 and F1 CE.
mmmmmmmmmmm cheeeese
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One of these.

And once the dealer gets back to me, I'm having one of these.
one of these:

Post your Last Purchase!
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