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A coke-light yesterday at school for 0,90€ (They were out of normal cokes )
It's a hard life being a gangsta and safari jackets are awesome.
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a new helmet
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milk 2,5% 0,5 L x2
bread: black
: white x2
pack of condoms
500g pistatsian(?in english) nuts
1 smoked fish(don't know how it's named in english)
can of soup
sausages 1 kg(with cheese)
meatballs 0,5 kg
300g cheese
mayonaise 1l
2 pairs of socks
three quarters of a tank full of fuel - 58€...

Buy one, get one free at the co-op.
Quote from Tomson(FIN) :thats awesome! its got all what you need, and its rwd

rwd is a must now when theres snow

and it will look better once i start spending some money on it, will try to remember posting pics here aswell as that other forum
2 cards for (presumably) 2 different girls..

Risky buisness!

You a player hmm?
Isn't that the same card. Just for some reason the colors are different..? That or I'm really dumb.
No you are indeed correct. It's the same card.

GL yo!
Valentine's Day? Get the GF nothing.
... sounds like a plan.

Oh wait..
I'll no doubt buy a card and write "You're alright but valentine's day is ****ing shit" inside it.

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