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Quote from Jakg :Whereabouts is your nearest DSGi store? I'll keep a look out for any bike-related satnav deals and drop you a PM if anything appears near you...Arrived

How the hell did you get all that so cheap!

I take it your selling it all for profit?

If so im willing to make an offer for that FSX Gold Edition
Quote from mclarenmatt :If so im willing to make an offer for that FSX Gold Edition

£20 and it's yours
Quote from S14 DRIFT :There's a PC World in Reading, 20 minute ride from my house, if that counts.

Bank Transfer, PayPal, Cheque in the post, Cash via carrier pidgeon, Google Checkout - take yer pick :P
Love that Tamiya RX-7 and the other model kit.

(love MCR, great song) and

(replayed it the other day, realised the soundtrack was brilliant)
Ok i've put the FSX on eBay - sorry but now is the perfect time :X
I remember "The Bouncer", it was great to play 2P. Was awesome game!!
Quote from Jakg :Ok i've put the FSX on eBay - sorry but now is the perfect time :X


My dad has ebay/paypal - is it buy it now or bid?
This just arrived and I installed it.

Upgraded from 4400+ to 6000+.
I'm currently running it with slight overclock.
Originally I was going for the "kuma" X2 7750 Black Edition, but I did some research and it seems like AM2+ processors won't maybe work in my current mobo, so I ordered the 6000+ instead.

Teh PC upgrade 2009 is now ready (I think). Currents specs:

Motherboard: mATX MSI K9VGM-V
Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ @ 3.26 GHz
Memory: 2 Gb Mushkin (2x 1024 Mb DDR2 800 @ 407 MHz)
Graphics card: PNY GeForce 9800 GTX+ 512 Mb
Power: Xilence 420W

I could upgrade for more memory, but I think I will go there when I have a OS what supports 4 Gb.

Time to test GTA IV and Crysis.
Got me a Google G1 phone today and spent most of it toying around with it. Great and I hope it will raise my productivity, as I work in two freelance jobs (journalist and real estate agent) that require me to be out of my home office a lot. Posting from it now

Hmm, that reminds me.. I want some of those Pork Crackling crisps you can buy. :cry:
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Death Proof
The Chaser
4 Pot Noodles
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Is it just me or does this have a striking resemblance of a big BBQ grill?
You could probably fire up some steaks on that thing by the look of it anyhow. Just turn the fan off and let the memory do its work!
I just bought a pound of bacon. Kids wanted breakfast for dinner tonight.
a pair of Brembo rotors for a VW corrado
Bought on behalf of my bro... £675.. bargain!
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Quote from Ian.H :Bought on behalf of my bro... £675.. bargain!

Good buy, looks like a minter.

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