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Quote from :You must have mail?

What's that? Excuse my English, it is not that good.
Same here i payed for Airio pro a few months back and for 3 months now i haven't herd any replies on my requests or questions.I have e-mail him and his never on MSN but i have left him off-line messages there.

Is he still supporting Airio Pro ?
Quote :EQ Worry

Last Activity: 8th January 2012 22:09

Hmm, this is EQ Worrying.

And according to spdo website he as been online on the 16th Jan. Lets just hope he's taking a li'l break and nothing bad has happened. /stalk.
Thanks for your responses to my question. I am hoping he comes on and tells us if he has changed e-mails or something and gives up a alternative communication method to him.
As of today still no reply to any e-mails of messages .
I would then take it that he dose not support Airio anymore .
Can I check all my WR's at once?
!wrs is giving a nice overview, I believe, maybe you can also limit listing like !wrs xfg or !wrs as5.
I belive he want check just his WRs, not all.
As far as I know, best place for doing that is:
There you can find summary of all your AIRW clean laps, and simply that combos you are ranked first are your WRs
Thanks for your answers
can you please read your PMs
I wonder, what is the procedure after I make a donation to the full version of airio and what's the correct value (29 euros).
We are a Brazilian LFS League and want to put the full version on our servers, thank you to inform me what should I do to get this version. Thank you.
Just fiddling a bit with mono and airio but I ran into a problem I can't seem to get solved:

If I run airio via mono with the root user it works just fine, as soon as I do "su lfs" to get to the dedicated user which runs all the lfs programs I get:

Unhandled Exception: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at LiveForSpeed.InSim.Airio.Airio.Main () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0

when I try to run the exact same command and I can't figure out why. Anybody got a clue?

edit: well I suspected that it is some permission thing already but didn't figure out that the log.txt file was owned by root instead of the user lfs, now it seems to be working.
Wouldn't think so. The final "sector" on that should be the last 2 sectors of BL1 combined. The WR for those two final sectors combined is a 56.45 while that dude only managed a 57.00

Unless the splits are in different areas which I don't think they are, then I don't see how he could be cheating if he is clearly slower than WR (unless he is that bad, but that would need visual evidence).
Splits are different.
in B11 splits are positioned by markers on track, but on real BL1 splits are few meters before markers. this clearly makes sector 2 and sector 3 shorter, especially sector 2.
Even without looking at the replay, XRT 1 second faster than the fastest 0% FXO lap (by an alien)? Sounds legit. Looks like those tyres grip like.. slicks.
Yea, some very weird behaviour in corners

think this is something like Nielsen was using few days before on my server, look from top view, have too much grip at start, he achieved almost 1 s better time than first in !top (there is 600+ in top)
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I'm sorry if this was asked before, but I have the question, how can I delete PB's out of the tracker and how I can login into Airio as Admin?

Thanks so far!
Quote from Masterboy19660815 :Hello,

I'm sorry if this was asked before, but I have the question, how can I delete PB's out of the tracker and how I can login into Airio as Admin?

Thanks so far!
Statistics Commands
First group of commands basically allow some manipulation with PB files.

!remove [car|*] [track|*]
This command removes all stats for certain tracks and/or cars. It allows you to delete e.g. all data for FBM on BL1, or all data for FBM on all tracks (denoted by *), or all cars (also specified as *) on BL1, and also all cars on all tracks. It is clear this command is very dangerous and must be used with extreme caution. It is reversible only by stopping Airio, rewriting STA files from latest backup and starting Airio again.

!remove – deletes all gathered stats on your current track and your current car.
!remove * FE6 – deletes stored statistics for all cars on FE6.
!remove RB4 * – deletes all peoples' RB4 stats on all tracks.
!remove * * – erases all stored PB data, the file with car-level data (split/sector times) will be empty.
!remove BL1 * – ERROR, 1st parameter must be car code.
Alternative versions: !rem.

!delete [car|*|**] name
This command deletes player's stats from PB file. The deleted data cannot be automatically recovered, so one needs to be careful with this command. The command always expects player's full username as a parameter. Optionally it is possible to set also car for which the player stats should be erased. If car is not specifies, your current car is used. Before issuing this command it is advised to use !pb command with the same format. Once it returns correct data that are to be deleted, you may just replace !pb with !delete.

It is also possible to delete player's stats not only for current car, but for all cars on current track. In that case use * as car code. If you are really angry at someone, you may delete all his stored stats for all tracks and all cars. Just use ** as car code, but make really sure you are entering the correct username.

!delete thehacker – deletes the player's statistics for the current track and the car you are in.
!delete * thehacker – deletes the player's statistics for the current track and all cars he ever used on your server.
!delete ** thehacker – removes all this player's statistics from your server, keeping only his personal setting.
Output of the command summarizes what was actually deleted, but the action is not reversible, unless you stop Airio, replace SAT files from backup and start Airio again.

Alternative versions: !del.

!clr [t|c]
This is one more command to manipulate with statistics. It clears temporary data stored on two levels called total and championship. They are definable periods for which some racing data (lap times, race times, points) are updated and then automatically deleted. Using the t switch will delete all temporary data at total level, c switch does the same for championship level. Routines of this command may be called automatically by setting specific values in days in common configuration file. For more on this see the configuration section. Output of the command says what level of temporary data was deleted.

For admin login you can connect to server with password or add yourself as limad into airio config.

OFFTOPIC: EQ can you add troll detection into Airio pls
Ehm, in which file can I edit the Airio admins?
Quote from Masterboy19660815 :Ehm, in which file can I edit the Airio admins?

"Airio.cfg.txt" -search for "Limad Names and Levels"
# --------------------- Limad Names and Levels -------------------- #

# Usernames (registered) of limited admins aka limads. These names
# are checked upon connecting and exact case insensitive match is
# required. Default rights: Level 0 - can use prohibited names (good
# for team members), Level 1 - can kick, Level 2 - can ban anyone
# connected, Level 3 - can ban and unban anyone, Level 4 - can do
# almost anything, Level 5 - can also manipulate with stats.

Limad2=EQ Worry
# Just an example, feel free to remove me. :-)

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